Where Is Cristy Lee?

Motor Trend’s TV coverage of the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona began yesterday. Very conspicuous by her absence was Cristy Lee, who has been a fixture of these telecasts. Apparently, she won’t be participating in this auction. Here is a cryptic note from her social media accounts:


“This year has already started off crazy busy for me, but in a good way cuz you know I love that hustle. I just couldn’t make it out to AZ this week. Lots of exciting things in the works though-so stay tuned kids!!”


Is she off the Barrett-Jackson broadcasts for good? That would be a real shame. Anyway, from showbizpost.com a picture of the gorgeous Cristy Lee:


See the source image


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(October, 2020 update: Cristy Lee is, I assume, under contract to Discovery Communications, the “parent” company of the Motor Trend “network,” which was the former “TV home” of Barrett-Jackson. The Barrett-Jackson auctions are now being aired on History and fyi, which are jointly owned by Disney and Hearst Communications, not Discovery. Perhaps a way could have been found to have her continue being a part of the Barrett-Jackson telecasts, perhaps not, but she will not be a part of the broadcasts for the foreseeable future. In fact, in the next year or so you may see her on a different type of show on another Discovery outlet, HGTV…May, 2021 update: please read this post.)


Dr. Zal will remember this record, but I doubt many others will. This was one of my favorite songs when I was 11-12 and I think may have been the first 45 I ever purchased. Of course, I still have it. To wit:



While listening to music yesterday this song popped into my head. Even though I have the 45 I decided to buy it from iTunes. I have listened to it 3-4 times since last night—the first time in decades I have heard the song—and am glad that this is my earworm for now.

“Double Barrel” is a reggae/ska song and I must admit it does not exactly have strong lyrics. Something about the beat and the background music, though, are just irresistible to me. By the way, iTunes charged me 99 cents for this song. That is what I used to pay for 45s in the 1970s.


Back to Barrett-Jackson…yesterday a 1963 Buick Riviera was offered for sale. Here is a picture:


1963 BUICK RIVIERA - Front 3/4 - 237283


As my mind starts to think more in terms of one of these as a companion to my Z06—again, barring an unforeseen windfall this purchase is 2-3 years away—I am paying closer attention to auction results and listing prices. This example hammered for $22,000 meaning the buyer paid $24,200 all in. I think two other Rivieras of this generation are being auctioned this week by Barrett-Jackson. Many who follow the automotive market think that the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale is not a good guide to the “value” of cars as they believe the frenzy of the large crowd pushes the prices above market.

I have seen cars like this listed in the $15,000 range on Hemmings and Classic Cars. As these are not very expensive or rare (Buick built 112,244 Rivieras from 1963-65) I don’t absolutely have to have a stock drivetrain.

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6 thoughts on “Where Is Cristy Lee?

  1. I have always thought the ’63 – ’65 Rivieras to be among the best designs of any car of that era. It is still a very handsome car. When I see one listed on Bring-a-Trailer, I always follow that auction even though I have no intention of ever buying one. (Gotta stick to my “Ultimate Garage” list … )


    1. Yes, sir. The ‘63-‘65 Riviera is a classically beautiful car with a design that will probably always look great.

      I REALLY understand how people end up owning a lot of cars. Maybe I deserve a little bit of credit for not succumbing to the overwhelming temptation, yet.


  2. My personal choice would be the 65 model. I really like the “clam shell” headlights. And what the heck, make it a GS to boot.


  3. I had to look that song up… don’t remember ever hearing it. According to Wikipedia, it hit no 22 on the US charts, whatever chart that was… if it got that high on the pop or rock charts, I think I would have heard it at that time. It did hit no 1 in the UK. I was able to check it out on YouTube and even found a performance on the UK TV show, Top of the Pops.

    As far as Cristy Lee, she has a new gig on Garage Squad and I believe she’s still doing All Girls Garage, isn’t she? Maybe that’s keeping her busy… I do know one thing.. the chick on Barrett Jackson last night didn’t seem to know anything about cars,… I only saw her once, briefly, but it was apparent she didn’t know much about the car she was telling us about…


    1. Double Barrel reached #22 on the Billboard Hot 100/Top 40.

      The absence of Cristy Lee on the Barrett-Jackson telecast is a major downer and as you point out her replacement seems clueless.

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