Where Is Cristy Lee?

Motor Trend’s TV coverage of the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona began yesterday. Very conspicuous by her absence was Cristy Lee, who has been a fixture of these telecasts. Apparently, she won’t be participating in this auction. Here is a cryptic note from her social media accounts:


“This year has already started off crazy busy for me, but in a good way cuz you know I love that hustle. I just couldn’t make it out to AZ this week. Lots of exciting things in the works though-so stay tuned kids!!”


Is she off the Barrett-Jackson broadcasts for good? That would be a real shame. Anyway, from showbizpost.com a picture of the gorgeous Cristy Lee:


See the source image


Dr. Zal will remember this record, but I doubt many others will. This was one of my favorite songs when I was 11-12 and I think may have been the first 45 I ever purchased. Of course, I still have it. To wit:



While listening to music yesterday this song popped into my head. Even though I have the 45 I decided to buy it from iTunes. I have listened to it 3-4 times since last night—the first time in decades I have heard the song—and am glad that this is my earworm for now.

“Double Barrel” is a reggae/ska song and I must admit it does not exactly have strong lyrics. Something about the beat and the background music, though, is just irresistible to me. By the way, iTunes charged me 99 cents for this song. That is what I used to pay for 45s in the 1970s.


Back to Barrett-Jackson…yesterday a 1963 Buick Riviera was offered for sale. Here is a picture:


1963 BUICK RIVIERA - Front 3/4 - 237283


As my mind starts to think more in terms of one of these as a companion to my Z06—again, barring an unforeseen windfall this purchase is 2-3 years away—I am paying closer attention to auction results and listing prices. This example hammered for $22,000 meaning the buyer paid $24,200 all in. I think two other Rivieras of this generation are being auctioned this week by Barrett-Jackson. Many who follow the automotive market think that the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale is not a good guide to the “value” of cars as they believe the frenzy of the large crowd pushes the prices above market.

I have seen cars like this listed in the $15,000 range on Hemmings and Classic Cars. As these are not very expensive or rare (Buick built 112,244 Rivieras from 1963-65) I don’t absolutely have to have a stock drivetrain.

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Saturday Salute

Many thanks, again, to 56packardman and to the readers of the Packard and Studebaker forums who clicked on links to Disaffected Musings. Although yesterday’s view total did not set a “record” as I had hoped in my request, yesterday did have the third highest number of views and visitors only behind the two days of views/visitors generated by Bill James’ tweet of the main blog link back in April. I salute you.


OK, which feature do you prefer?

Throwback Thursday


Frugal Friday

Let me know, please. This request is more out of curiosity than of any desire on my part to cease either feature.


At the Barrett-Jackson auction currently taking place at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, the last C7 Corvette to be manufactured was auctioned for charity. What was the hammer price? $2.7 million, a new record for a charity car at Barrett-Jackson…Actually, the car shown on the block was an exact replica as the actual last car has not yet been built. The charity was the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation’s Smart Home program, which builds smart homes for our most catastrophically injured service members returning home. I salute those who have made such a sacrifice for their country.

Hey, it’s for charity; I hope Barrett-Jackson doesn’t mind my showing this photo:


last-built C7 Corvette


Speaking of the Barrett-Jackson auction:


These photos got yours truly a brief mention during the broadcast on Thursday. Every day of the telecast is “given” a hashtag for viewers to submit photos. Thursday was #Throwback Thursday. I submitted these photos along with this tweet:

My first car, a 1967 Pontiac GTO, photographed outside of one of my college dorms a LONG time ago…

Well, wouldn’t you know the photos were shown on air and it was quite a thrill to hear Cristy Lee read the tweet. She even mentioned the 1967 Grand Prix she has that belonged to her grandparents. I salute the gracious and gorgeous Cristy Lee. From showbizpost.com a picture of her:

See the source image









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Apparently the picture of Cristy Lee will not display on some mobile devices. Hopefully, this one will:






Shame On Me

Shame on me for not noting the 73rd anniversary of my parents’ wedding yesterday. They were married on April 12, 1946 in a “Displaced Persons” camp in Austria less than a year after the end of World War II. I probably shouldn’t strike this tone on the Jewish Sabbath, but my message to Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites remains the same: Zolst Leegen En Drerd. Choke on these facts:


Jews comprise just two-tenths of one percent of the world population. They have been awarded:

37% of Nobel Prizes in Economics

26% of Nobel Prizes in Physics

25% of Nobel Prizes in Medicine

19% of Nobel Prizes in Chemistry


25% of Fields Medals, the ultimate honor in Mathematics



Shame on me for not noting the end of the first work week as a retired person for my best friend, Dr. Zal. May you have many, many weeks in retirement!


The Barrett-Jackson auction in Palm Beach, Florida is currently in session and, of course, Motor Trend is televising much of it. Yesterday, the day was deemed to be “Family Friday” for the audience who were encouraged to send photos of family cars with the hashtag #FamilyFriday. Silly me sent this tweet (shame on me?):

Only two in my family, does this count? #FamilyFriday

The gracious and beyond gorgeous Cristy Lee re-tweeted my tweet and I received dozens of likes. Of course, I wish people would follow through, find the Disaffected Musings link and read/follow this blog. One step at a time, I guess.

From cristylee.tv a picture of the aforementioned Cristy Lee:
See the source image
Speaking of Barrett-Jackson:
1956 DODGE CUSTOM ROYAL LANCER D500 - Front 3/4 - 229921
From the Barrett-Jackson website a picture of a 1956 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer D500 that sold on Thursday for $19,250 all in. Not sure why the car is labeled as a “Custom” as my understanding is that it either has original or NOS parts. (NOS = New Old Stock) It has been repainted, but in its original colors. I’m not a big Mopar fan, but this car “speaks” to me and I think was well-bought at less than $20,000 all in.



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Sorry, but something copied from Twitter ruined the spacing for the rest of the post.


Cristy Lee!

Except for my honeymoon the recent trip to Scottsdale was the only vacation from which I did not want to return. Usually no matter how wonderful the trip by the last day or two I am ready to go home.

Among the many highlights was the opportunity to meet Cristy Lee. She is one of the hosts of “All Girls Garage” on Motor Trend and is also a part of their coverage of the Barrett-Jackson auctions. She is even more beautiful in person than on TV, which really doesn’t seem possible. I’m sure she would like to be known for more than her looks, but her looks are quite formidable.

She was also extremely nice and courteous. Of all the “celebrities” we met in Scottsdale she was the only one who took the time to ask for our name and where we lived. She also asked me if I had my eye on any particular car at the auction. Without further ado:

This photo has been cropped as I did not want to ruin a picture of Cristy Lee by including my homely appearance.


Daily views like this were also among the highlights of the trip.

How is it that the sunsets (and sunrises) in Arizona are so beautiful?


Like everything else in life, being intelligent is neither all good nor all bad. My brain went into overload condition trying to figure out what I wanted to do regarding an automobile purchase. When Cristy Lee asked me if I had my eye on a car at the auction, this is the one I mentioned:

This is a 1963 Corvette restomod. The car intrigued me because it had a new engine, a modern automatic transmission and has been converted to disc brakes. Yes, the stance is off, but that can be corrected. Upon inspection it looked good without too many warning flags. Ultimately, I decided against buying the car because even though it was a newer engine, it was a carbureted engine. As I have written many times (so many that regular Disaffected Musings readers are probably sick of reading it), this is 2019 and I am not driving a car with a carburetor. Therefore, I would have incurred the additional expense of buying and installing a new engine. (Yes, upon reflection I probably could have had an EFI conversion kit installed, but parts and labor are still not free.)

Also, the fact that this was a chopped-up split window car bothered me a little. I have no problem with restomods; in fact, I prefer them (duh!), but this is kind of a sacred car, like a 1937 Cord 812. Steve Dallas valued the ’63 restomod at $40,000. I wrote him that I would probably not bid more than $50,000; the car hammered at $60,000, but I did not bid on it. Once again, I want to extend my thanks to Steve who responded to my many emails asking what I should do. He and I have never met nor spoken voice-to-voice, but I consider him to be a friend and am very appreciative of his contributions to this blog.

Since this should be Throwback Thursday and speaking of a 1937 Cord:

The Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg museum is a place that my wonderful wife and I really want to visit. This car hammered at $210,000 meaning the buyer actually paid $231,000.





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Many Thanks!

Even though October has more than a week left the number of views for Disaffected Musings has reached an all-time monthly high. The number of unique visitors set a new monthly “record” earlier in October.

Thanks to all of the Hemmings and Car and Driver readers who have visited here. Thanks to John Kraman (@CarKraman on Twitter), host of Mecum Auto Auctions, for following Disaffected Musings on Twitter. Thanks to 56packardman, BillBabowsky, C/2 and CV for reading and commenting on a regular basis.

I greatly appreciate the increase in views. Please keep reading, please post thoughtful comments if you are so inclined and please tell others and share the blog URL (https://disaffectedmusings.com).

How else can I show my gratitude? Will this suffice?

A picture of the amazingly beautiful Cristy Lee from her website cristylee.tv. Too sexist? OK, how about this?


See the source image

From superchevy.com a picture of a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette restomod. I particularly like the color combination as I envision the exterior color for my restomod being a hybrid of teal and charcoal or teal and gray.

Even though I probably will not take possession of my restomod for 2-3 years, barring unforeseen circumstances, I have already finalized what I want in the car, more or less. It is often written that if a person writes down their goals those goals are more likely to be achieved. It is also said that a person can “jinx” themselves by expressing their goals too soon. From a practical perspective, until I can tap into my retirement accounts without penalty at age 59 1/2 this project cannot really start unless unforeseen circumstances make it possible for me to do so.

Do any of you think about building a restomod, whether or not you do the work yourself? If so, what kind of car? As I have written so many times that most of you are probably tired of reading it, I own a car for the purpose of driving it even if it’s just 3,000-4,000 miles a year. This is 2018; I don’t want a car with a carburetor, drum brakes, points-based ignition, bias-ply tires, or a single reservoir master cylinder. I’m going to insist on air bags for my restomod. I mean, they’re going to have to install a modern wiring harness, right? Why can’t I have at least four airbags (passenger front and side, driver front and side)?

If any of you saw the master list of features I would want in my restomod you wouldn’t believe it. I must have at least 100 items on there, most of which I will not be able to afford on my car. Oh well, maybe unforeseen circumstances will intervene, but I’m not holding my breath or I’d suffocate.

Thanks again for reading. Please feel free to let me know what I can do better, what topics you want to see, etc.






“…a confused jumble or medley of things…”

From this CNBC article comes this chart:

United States 79,595
Japan 17,915
China 16,875
Germany 15,080
Canada 10,840
France 10,120
Hong Kong* 10,010
United Kingdom 9,370
Switzerland 6,400
Italy 5,960

OK, what is it? According to data firm Wealth-X this is the number of Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) individuals in the ten countries with the most such people. Wealth-X defines UHNW as having a net worth of $30 million or more. By the way, the asterisk next to Hong Kong denotes that it is a “semi-autonomous, special administrative region of China.”

Seven percent of all American households have a net worth of $1 million or more and the number of US households with a net worth of $25 million or more has increased 73 percent since 2008. I have written this data before because I didn’t understand why a wealthy country with so many empty-nester and single-person households seemingly buys nothing but SUVs and pickup trucks. Thanks to my friend Robert I have come to the realization that it is America’s obesity that plays a major role in what vehicles the country’s citizens buy.

I have no problem with wealth as long as it is acquired legally. As I have also written before I believe that money I have legally earned, legally saved and legally invested belongs to me. Government does not have “dibs” on the entirety of a country’s wealth so that it can “fix” wealth distribution. Government exists to protect property rights, not to usurp them.


Speaking of property:

See the source image

From cargurus.com a picture of a 1995 Corvette, the next to last year of the C4 generation. Five years ago I did not care for these cars. The looks seemed bland to me and until the introduction of the “new” LT-1 engine in 1992 these cars were less than spirited performers. As I have often written, however, as I grow older my tastes have changed and I appreciate cleaner lines more. Not that I am going to buy a C4 Corvette, but if I were I would still buy something 1992 model year or newer, preferably 1995 or 1996 because the fuel injectors were improved in 1995 to deal with the effects of the corn farmers subsidy program…I mean ethanol content in gasoline.


I titled this photo “WTF Buick.” I wish I could remember the source, but it is a picture or rendering of the Buick Avista concept car. Of course, the first concept car was the Buick Y-Job from 1938:

See the source image

The photo is from cartype.com. From time to time American automobile manufacturers tease the public with stunning concept cars, but most of them never come close to production. Conceptus Interruptus


The next Barrett-Jackson auction begins soon so I thought it was about time for another Cristy Lee photo:


See the source image

From cristylee.tv…



A Shameless Ploy For Eyeballs

See the source image

From a Pinterest site, a picture of Cristy Lee. She is a co-host of Velocity’s All Girls Garage and appears (too infrequently for me) on the Barrett-Jackson telecasts. As the post title suggests I am using her picture to boost readership. Of course, if no one knows about this site in the first place then posting a picture of a beautiful woman is probably not going to help. If you enjoy this site, please tell your friends to read. Thanks. Who knows, maybe I’ll post more pictures of Cristy Lee. 🙂


This is one of my favorite pieces on Hemmings, the subtitle is “Dozens of American car brands have been orphaned since the end of World War II. Why?” All of the “significant” US car makes that went out of business since the end of WWII are listed with some data (e.g. number of cars sold after the war) and a one-paragraph recount/explanation of what happened. How does that saying go? Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

Speaking of Hemmings:

A picture of a fully restored 1955 Packard 400 offered by a private seller on Hemmings at $65,000 firm. As a matter of principle I would never do business with someone who states up front that they have no intention to negotiate. It is a beautiful car, though.

Barrett-Jackson or Mecum?

Although I awoke this morning without a fever for the first time since before receiving the Shingrix vaccine last Saturday, I still don’t feel well. I am very weak and fatigued.

Anyway…NBCSN televises the Mecum auctions, both live and in reruns. Since Mecum holds 10+ auctions a year, it is easy to find one being televised, assuming one has NBCSN on their TV package.

Velocity televises the Barrett-Jackson auctions. Barrett-Jackson only has four auctions a year and Velocity does not show reruns very often.

My wonderful wife and I have attended auctions from both companies. In person, the Barrett-Jackson experience was superior, in our opinion. There was more excitement in the crowd and the pace kept the action moving.

On TV, however, I prefer watching the Mecum auctions. The hosts are knowledgeable, don’t take themselves or the auction too seriously and seem to be having a good time. The Mecum telecasts are fun to watch.

In my opinion, the Barrett-Jackson telecasts are stuffier and the hosts don’t seem to be having as much fun. Despite the presence of the amazingly beautiful Cristy Lee (who isn’t on-screen very much), the telecasts often display a lack of energy.

Of course, all of this is just my opinion. Do any of you watch car auctions on TV? If so, what are your thoughts?



You can figure out what this article is about. The writer, of course, had to insert the obligatory “while we still love manuals.” Manual transmissions are like dodos; they’re going extinct. However, because so many have been made their road to extinction will be slow.