A Shameless Ploy For Eyeballs

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From a Pinterest site, a picture of Cristy Lee. She is a co-host of Velocity’s All Girls Garage and appears (too infrequently for me) on the Barrett-Jackson telecasts. As the post title suggests I am using her picture to boost readership. Of course, if no one knows about this site in the first place then posting a picture of a beautiful woman is probably not going to help. If you enjoy this site, please tell your friends to read. Thanks. Who knows, maybe I’ll post more pictures of Cristy Lee. 🙂



One of my favorite pieces on Hemmings, the subtitle is “Dozens of American car brands have been orphaned since the end of World War II. Why?” All of the “significant” US car makes that went out of business since the end of WWII are listed with some data (e.g. number of cars sold after the war) and a one-paragraph recount/explanation of what happened. How does that saying go? Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

Speaking of Hemmings:

A picture of a fully restored 1955 Packard 400 offered by a private seller on Hemmings at $65,000 firm. As a matter of principle I would never do business with someone who states up front that they have no intention to negotiate. It is a beautiful car, though.

Barrett-Jackson or Mecum?

Although I awoke this morning without a fever for the first time since before receiving the Shingrix vaccine last Saturday, I still don’t feel well. I am very weak and fatigued.

Anyway…NBCSN televises the Mecum auctions, both live and in reruns. Since Mecum holds 10+ auctions a year, it is easy to find one being televised, assuming one has NBCSN on their TV package.

Velocity televises the Barrett-Jackson auctions. Barrett-Jackson only has four auctions a year and Velocity does not show reruns very often.

My wonderful wife and I have attended auctions from both companies. In person, the Barrett-Jackson experience was superior, in our opinion. There was more excitement in the crowd and the pace kept the action moving.

On TV, however, I prefer watching the Mecum auctions. The hosts are knowledgeable, don’t take themselves or the auction too seriously and seem to be having a good time. The Mecum telecasts are fun to watch.

In my opinion, the Barrett-Jackson telecasts are stuffier and the hosts don’t seem to be having as much fun. Despite the presence of the amazingly beautiful Cristy Lee (who isn’t on-screen very much), the telecasts often display a lack of energy.

Of course, all of this is just my opinion. Do any of you watch car auctions on TV? If so, what are your thoughts?



You can figure out what this article is about. The writer, of course, had to insert the obligatory “while we still love manuals.” Manual transmissions are like dodos; they’re going extinct. However, because so many have been made their road to extinction will be slow.