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Even though this fact has glanced off the collective skull of the world I am a pioneer in the application of analytics to professional sports, one of the fathers of “Moneyball.” I was also a mentor to baseball’s “golden boy,” another fact that has slipped through the cracks. Perception is reality even if it isn’t. However, the reality is that America is drowning in credential-ism and age discrimination.


Moneyball Sig Encore


Don’t believe my claim about being a father of “Moneyball?” That’s my copy of the book signed by Michael Lewis with the inscription, “For […], Who led the way. Best, Michael.”




From carsaddiction.com a picture of a De Tomaso Longchamp, which I consider to be one of the two best automotive shapes ever. The other?



From corvettestory.com a picture of a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette convertible with the auxiliary hardtop in place.