End Of An Era

This probably sounds unnecessarily melodramatic to you, but I am lamenting the fact that this is the last post I will make with this computer. My new one is supposed to arrive today.

I am also lamenting the fact that my new computer will almost certainly be the first one that will not pay for itself many times over. The longest I’ve managed to stay in a non-baseball office job is one year. For much of my work life I have been an independent contractor and, fortunately, had long stretches when I was able to find “gigs.” Unfortunately, those days are almost certainly over.

Bye Bye, Asus.


The SUV boom is dangerous for pedestrians as noted here. According to the CarBuzz post, an investigation by the Detroit Free Press and USA Today found that pedestrian deaths have increased 46% since 2009 and the boom in SUVs may be the leading cause. I will also chime in that distracted drivers AND distracted pedestrians HAVE to be playing a role in this increase. The article states that, “Federal regulators have known for years that SUVs are at least twice as likely as cars to kill pedestrians due to their higher profile, but have done little to combat the issue.” GET YOUR FACE OUT OF YOUR PHONE AND BUY A CAR!


What do you think of this car? I took this photo at the 2017 Barrett-Jackson auction at Mohegan Sun. This is a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda (yes, a defunct American make) hardtop coupe as opposed to a fastback coupe or convertible. About 28,000 of the hardtop coupes were produced for the 1967 model year compared to about 30,000 fastbacks and 4,000 convertibles.

I am not really a big fan of Mopar, but I like the styling of the second generation Barracuda. This car is not a contender for my Ultimate Garage, but I wouldn’t turn one down. Once again, I would like to read what cars would make your Ultimate Garage.

Friday Mishmash

OK, no alliterative post title today…

Please check out this post. Look at this picture from the same (from mindovermotor.com):

1939 Lagonda V12 Cabriolet Front 1

A 1939 Lagonda (despite the spelling in the URL) V-12 drophead coupe, a convertible. As recently as five years ago cars like this did little for me. As my car obsession grows so does the universe of cars in which I have interest.


Three years ago today my wonderful wife purchased this car:

Apart from the fact that the bumper-to-bumper warranty expires today, my wonderful wife and I think this is a happy occasion. If I had to guess what cars she would like in her Ultimate Garage, besides her Corvette, I would start with this:

See the source image

From carmagazine.co.uk a picture of an Aston Martin DB11 Volante. My wonderful wife loves the styling and who can blame her? She also likes convertibles as I have written before.


See the source image

From Wikipedia a picture of a Jaguar E-Type roadster. This one (as well as the Aston) might have to wait for a winning lottery ticket or some other unforeseen windfall.

Just to end the run of British roadsters/convertibles:

See the source image

Another Wikipedia photo, this time of a Lamborghini Huracan. My wonderful wife likes these better than the Aventador; she thinks their styling is a little wild. Besides, I think 610 HP and 413 LB-FT of torque is enough for her to drive.

Staying in Italy:

See the source image

From theauto.co a picture of the Ferrari Portofino, which succeeded the California as the GT hardtop convertible Ferrari. The two cars are very similar in appearance, but the Portofino is supposed to have a stiffer chassis, be a little lighter and have about 40 more HP.

Even though she married me, I think my wonderful wife has impeccable taste. What do you think of these cars? What cars would you want to own?