1,500 Posts!

Indeed, this is the 1,500th published post for Disaffected Musings. I think WordPress, the platform that hosts this blog, will send me a badge to commemorate the occasion.

I mentioned yesterday that in the most recent WordPress week this blog received its most views in a week this entire year. I can also tell you that in each of the last three weeks, the number of views has reached a level previously seen only once since February 1. Thanks to all of you who are reading my blog. Of course, I can’t thank those of you who are not reading. πŸ™‚


On Sunday I walked five miles for the first time on my treadmill, although I had reached the five mile mark a few times when I was running/jogging. I must confess that I mixed in a little of the latter on Sunday so I could finish the five miles in under 75 minutes; I made it with a minute to spare.

I also must confess that my feet are really hurting (remember that I have bunions and bone spurs on both big toes), so much so that I might have to skip today’s “scheduled” workout. As only I can do, I have developed a most strange symptom as well. When I take a deep breath, I feel a quick but sharp pain on the bottom of my right foot. It is always in the same place, the “pad” just below the big toe. Maybe it’s the metatarsal-proximal phalanges joint.

When I was very young, in elementary school, I had a similar condition. When I would take a deep breath both of my ankles would hurt, but only briefly. This went away on its own after about a month. I am reluctant to write this, but can’t help myself: No good deed goes unpunished.


These “Hili dialogue” posts from Why Evolution Is True are varied and often interesting. On this very sad day in 1972, Palestinian terrorists murdered nine Israeli Olympic athletes and a German policeman. The Munich massacre is the primary reason I do not watch the Olympics to this day.

On this day in 1983 the Soviet Union admitted shooting down Korean Air Lines Flight 007 (on September 1), claiming it didn’t know it was a civilian aircraft when it, supposedly, violated Soviet airspace. I don’t know if I am supposed to reveal this, but it was around the same time that I was interviewing for a job with the CIA. At the time I only listened to news stations on the radio, so hearing about this incident on the way down and back from CIA headquarters seemed oddly fitting. I did not get the job. It is a virtual certainty that my life would have traveled down a much different path if I had.



What is this? This is the new 2022 Ford Mustang GT I test drove yesterday. I must say I was most impressed. I wish I had recorded the sound the engine makes under acceleration; it is intoxicating.

The car was loaded with nice features, was very comfortable, braked and steered very well AND was thousands less than any decent low mileage USED Supra in the area. The Mustang even has rear seats, not that anyone over 5-8 would be comfortable in them. The car also looked better to me in person than it does in photos, even the one above. No, I am not considering the GT500 model, 760 HP or not, as that is much more money than I want to spend. I can be happy with 450 HP/410 LB-FT of torque in a car with a curb weight of 3,750 pounds. Those are Ford’s reported figures, by the way. The car felt like it had more power than that and many manufacturers are now under-reporting engine output.

I firmly believe that flexibility and adaptability are keys to being happy and successful. I owed it to myself to test drive a Mustang GT and I must admit it is now the likely choice to replace the Z06. In a way, my car life would come full circle as the first-generation Mustang was one of my favorites when I first became interested in automobiles at the age of 5 or 6.

I would, of course, very much like to read your thoughts. Oh, why am I not considering a Dodge Challenger? They are too long for our garage (the Mustang would barely fit) and I would never park any of my cars outdoors unless we lived in a gated community–we don’t–and I could park them on our lot but out of sight.


Thanks again for reading this blog enough to spur me on to 1,500 posts.






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12 thoughts on “1,500 Posts!

  1. Yesterday, I ventured out on my neighborhood walking route for the first time since my knee replacement surgery. I only walked about half of my usual route as I did not want to tax my repaired knee since it is still stiff. That was just enough to enjoy the outside morning air and to see how much my knee will withstand. It worked fine, added to the stiffness a little and I determined to continue my physical therapy even past what the insurance will allow even by my self. I will not go into the remainder of the day. Never, ever, give up.


  2. “why am I not considering a Dodge Challenger? They are too long for our garage ”

    I would cry, if this was to limit my automotive purchases. 😦

    Based on the above revelation, I’m guessing a 59 Caddy is definitely not under consideration. πŸ™‚

    The “Coyote” series engines have become quite popular for resto mods and hot rods. Good power, and seem to be pretty dependable. I’m guessing you might have had the exhaust set to Sport mode? A buddy of mine has a 2021 GT and when he sets it there, or Track mode, it WILL get your attention. Not quite the sound of the “Voodoo” series with the flat plane crankshaft, but a traditional V-8 rumble, “cherry bomb” muffler sound.

    As for rear seat room? Like any car in this class, it is best suited for small children or a sack of groceries. If my choices to get somewhere were between the rear seat of a pony car or hitch hiking, I would probably take option #2.

    And congrats on 1,500 posts.


    1. “I would cry, if this was to limit my automotive purchases. 😦

      Based on the above revelation, I’m guessing a 59 Caddy is definitely not under consideration. πŸ™‚”

      As usual, your comments are revealing and humorous. Most of the garages in Arizona fall under the category of misleading advertising. We have a three-car garage, which should mean a minimum dimension of 30′ by 20′. Ours is closer to 28′ by 18′ WITH a 3″ high lip extending more than three feet from where the garage meets the house. 96 square feet (the difference between 30′ by 20′ and 28′ by 18′) is a small room unto itself.

      Most Arizona families use the garage at least partially for storage because homes here have no basements. One household on our block has SIX vehicles parked outside their garage, one of which is parked in the street. Needless to say, some homeowners here are not happy with that situation.

      You understand way better than most people why I want more AND bigger garage space. A 36′ by 18′ space would not qualify as a four-car garage to me. I also would not mind some on-site parking spaces that are not in a garage. In Arizona cars just don’t develop structural rust even if left outdoors. As long as the cars were covered to protect the interior from UV, and maybe the area around them sprayed every so often with peppermint oil to keep the vermin away, they should remain in good condition.


      1. “We have a three-car garage, which should mean a minimum dimension of 30β€² by 20β€²”

        That is close to the size of the “shed” I have for my tractor and lawn equipment.

        My dads home in Florida had the same “lip” in his attached garage (not sure the size of the garage). It was where the air handler for the HVAC and the water heater were installed. When he owned a Caprice 4 door sedan, the front bumper ended up about 5″ from the air handler so he could close the overhead door, AFTER he built some ramps to get the front wheels up on to the lip.

        I guess that’s the price you have to pay for living inside civilization, as opposed to out in the hinterlands like I do.


      2. Our lip is the home of our water softener equipment, a necessity in AZ, and the water heater–sort of–in that the latter has its own recessed area in the garage. The lip for the single car bay is less than 3″ because the bump-out for the downstairs bedroom is there. (The other four bedrooms are upstairs.)

        I have joked before, except I’m not really joking, that I would like to live in a 10-car garage with an attached house. If you had a 120′ by 25′ garage (yes 120′ is a long dimension needing a big lot) that’s a gross square footage of 3,000. You could have a tad under that above the garage.

        I am hoping our next house is about 4,000 square feet on one level with at least 3/4 of an acre, at least a four-car garage or a three-car with two legitimate on-site parking spaces way off the street. Time will tell if my hopes are realized.


      3. ” 10-car garage with an attached house”

        In my younger days, I figured the same. Kind of. My thought was a high, say 20′ high, building of around 50′ on each side. Then put in a mezzanine of about 20′ per side on one side of the building for a living space. Reality is, that’s not the best plan, given the fabrication, painting and other activities that go on in my garages. My current set up works well, but my home is actually bigger than I need. All I actually need is bedroom, living area, kitchen and bath, and some office space. About 1200-1300 sq footage would cover that. But the resale value would be nil, as most folks are more civilized than I. As it is, most folks, short of a farmer or another gearhead, would have little interest in my property.


      4. “How’s your health and recovery?”

        I’m in pretty good shape, for the shape I’m in. Fingers have healed, heart is good, head is no worse than it ever was. Leg? Well, that’s still a problem. Still have a cast on the ankle and brace on the knee to keep it mostly immobile. I guess 2-3 more weeks at least. I’m looking forward to being able to use it for more than holding an ottoman down. And I’m pretty sure I’ve put on a couple extra pounds, given my lack of activity.

        I read about the issues you were/are having with your health. Hopefully they are minor and pass quickly. Stress, no Z06 back yet, are not helping I’m sure.


      5. Thanks for the update and very glad to read your health is at least trending in the right direction. Many physicians and other medical researchers think stress plays a role in 80%-90% of illness in the developed world.


  3. A Mustang is a great choice. I was 8 yrs old when they first came out and I was hooked. I have owned one my whole adult life. I built my garage 25 years ago 44′ x 24′ 3 1/2 car. You can open the door on any vehicle and not touch the vehicle beside it.


    1. Not sure if you’ve commented before–hard to keep track with more than 7,000 comments–but thanks for sharing your thoughts. As I wrote in the post, I am leaning towards a Mustang, but have not decided definitively.


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