On The Way To A Million?

I may already be there…of course, I am referring to writing a million words in a blog. While I will never know exactly how many words I wrote in my previous blog, which was hosted by the Evil Empire (AKA Google), I think it’s more likely than not that I have written at least a million words combined in my two blogs.

If WordPress (which has not sent me a badge to commemorate 1,500 posts) allows access to the Classic Editor through at least the end of 2023, then it is more likely than not that I will reach a million words with Disaffected Musings. I will not bore you with the actual figures.

Thanks for reading.


It’s OK to change your mind even if there’s nothing wrong with the one you have. It’s also OK to say nothing about a topic if you know nothing, or next to nothing, about it. Once again, it is often better to be silent and be thought the fool than to open one’s mouth and to remove all doubt.

As I write this I would estimate the odds that I buy a new Ford Mustang GT are about 80%. The probability I buy a used Supra is about 15% and the chance I sell the Z06 and pocket the money is about 5%. The probability I keep the Corvette? Asymptotically approaching zero.

In an episode of Everyday Driver the two hosts drive and compare a new Ford Mustang Mach 1 to a new BMW M4. Not surprisingly, Paul Schmucker prefers the M4. That’s not a surprise because he loves German cars, especially Porsche and BMW. Todd Deeken, however, prefers the Mach 1. One aspect he notes is the amazing sound of the Mustang engine.

A Mach 1 has some tuning and suspension upgrades compared to a “base” Mustang GT. However, for me those differences are not enough to pony up (see what I did there) another $15,000-$20,000. I have to admit that one of the appealing parts of trading in the Z06 for a new Mustang GT is that I will very likely receive a decent amount of cash back. After the money I’ve spent this year to fix the Z06 AND to buy the Cascada, anything to restock the coffers is most welcome. Here is, again, a picture of the 2022 Mustang GT I test drove on Labor Day and which made such a good impression on me.



If General Motors can be believed at this point, then the window for the delivery of the parts needed to complete the repairs to the Z06 begins tomorrow. Right now, those parts are not supposed to be delivered any later than September 22. Maybe it’s because I haven’t really driven the Z06 since mid-April (except for two weeks when it did not run right), but I prefer the sound of the Coyote V-8 to the sound of the Corvette LT-4.


This Times of Israel article is about a potential research breakthrough at Tel Aviv University in the treatment of brain tumors, specifically glioblastoma. Israel has more companies listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange than any other country except the US.

I have known at least two people who have died from this type of brain tumor. Here is an excerpt from the article:


“Using genetic modification, he [Dr. Lior Mayo, head author of the study] could produce mice with glioblastoma tumors, and then remove all astrocytes from around the tumor. “We found that when we did this, the tumors vanished and stayed away for as long as we repressed the astrocytes,” he said.

‘In fact, even when we stopped suppressing the astrocytes, some 85 percent of the mice stayed in remission. However, among the control group, in which all astrocytes remained, all mice died.'”


What kind of research is being conducted by Israel’s enemies? I Stand With Israel!


This recent Corvette Blogger post reports that Chevrolet/General Motors are halting new orders for the 2023 Corvette Z06 through the end of 2022. From the article:


“The move, we are told, allows GM to better handle the ramp-up in the production of the all-new Z06 and not get into what we saw with the 2020 Corvette Stingray, in which GM had thousands of cars in the system that couldn’t be produced.”


I had read that Z06 production would be limited to 10% of total 2023 output. However, Scott Bell–Vice-President Global for Chevrolet–said this:


“We’re not building as many Z06s as we’d like to right now, it’s really that simple. We plan to sell more of this generation Corvette than any other generation in our history, and that includes a high percentage of Z06s.”


That second sentence is very interesting. The most Corvettes sold in any generation was the roughly 543,000 C3s. Due to the damn virus, the UAW strike and everything else, the C8–while very popular–is a LONG way from that number. Is Bell’s comment a hint that the C8 will be produced until whenever GM goes all-electric? Also, 10% is not “a high percentage of Z06s.”

While my Corvette ownership will likely end soon, I will always be interested in the Vette. I admit that I wish I liked the looks of the C8 more than I do because in that scenario I could have seen myself buying one. However, I don’t so I won’t.








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4 thoughts on “On The Way To A Million?

  1. “I wish I liked the looks of the C8 more than I do”

    Add me to that column. I think what bothers me the most is that it now resembles any other “super car.” Used to be even a non enthusiast could spot a Corvette in any parking lot. Now? Wait, is that a McLaren? A Ferrari? What, a Corvette? No way. I’ve no doubt that it’s a better sports car than previous generations, but it just doesn’t have the “look” for me. Lucky for Chevrolet I’m not a Corvette guy I guess.

    “The most Corvettes sold in any generation was the roughly 543,000 C3s.”

    That has to be because the length of time it was in production, 1968-1982. It certainly wasn’t due to it being the best “bang for the buck” during the malaise era it survived thru. Of course now you can buy a late 70’s version, resto mod it with a modern LS series engine, add some chassis work and have a rompin stompin in yer face hot rod for, what for many, would be pocket change.

    Viva la coche de carreras. 🙂


    1. Thanks, DDM. Long live the race car? How about just long live the non-autonomous car we can drive? Oh, I agree with your views on the C8. So does Chip Foose, by the way. Of course, the car didn’t have to be designed that way even as a mid-engine vehicle.

      I was just taking Scott Bell’s remark at face value and showing what that would/might mean. If Chevrolet/GM sell a quarter million C8s they should be happy; well, about 258,000 actually as that would make 2 million Corvettes if my calculations are correct.


      1. “Long live the race car? How about just long live the non-autonomous car we can drive? ”

        Race car because I don’t think Spanish has words for hot rod.

        For me autonomous vehicle equals a bus. I want as much autonomy as I can get in my vehicles. It might mean I have to only have older iron, but I’m OK with that. I don’t want my vehicle to track me when I’m using it, “ratting me out” to my insurance if I speed, tattle on me to the government if I go to an area they don’t want me in. It’s bad enough that we willingly carry a “snitch” already, even pay $60 a month to carry that device,*
        I don’t want my vehicles doing the same.



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