In Or Out?

I almost certainly will not be posting tomorrow. After 32 consecutive days of writing, I think I can take a break.

Once again, a car for you to consider whether it would be In Or Out of some vaguely defined personal automotive Top 100. I do not expect you to actually create a Top 100 or tell us where a car would rank exactly. Without further ado:


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A picture of a first-generation (1967-1970) Mercury Cougar. In the interest of full disclosure, I will offer my opinion that this is one of the underrated cars in US automotive history. I think these look better than the Ford Mustang on which they’re based, came with good performance options and, of course, would make a great basis for a restomod. The Cougar was named 1967 Motor Trend Car of the Year, the first Lincoln-Mercury vehicle to receive the honor.

Despite not really being a pony car or a personal luxury car, the Cougar was popular after its introduction. More than 150,000 were sold in the debut year of 1967. About 437,000 were sold in the first four model years.

OK, people, first-generation Mercury Cougar…In Or Out? Once again, if this car doesn’t receive at least five votes then the feature will be discontinued.






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22 thoughts on “In Or Out?

  1. Don’t appreciate being blackmailed into voting and dont care if you do the feature even though I voted once.


    1. OK, “Ken Smith.” You don’t have to read In Or Out? or this blog. Like the rest of us, you don’t have a monopoly on truth, wisdom or good judgment.


  2. Definitely in for me. Is should have bought a black 67 XR7 with red leather back in the early 80’s. But I did by the Thunderbird floor mats that are in my T-Bird from the guy.


  3. In. Unlike others, you can be a dictator. And I like being a dick. The car looks nice.


  4. In, of course. I remember when the car was introduced. A student at Cochise College where I attended had one so I got a close up look at the car. Nice. I was not a fan of the toothy grille; however, it was better finished in the interior than its cousin the Mustang.

    Dictators do not frighten me as I am too old to allow them to irritate me. You are not a dictator just the “moderator”.


    1. Haven’t heard from you in a long time. Welcome back to the conversation. It’s 4-1 In for the first-gen Cougar. This means In Or Out? will continue with a suggestion from Dirty Dingus McGee.


  5. In, but with a caveat for me; Gotta be a 68 GT-E (w/427 please) or a 69/70 Eliminator (w/Boss 302 please). Never owned either, and probably won’t, but who knows. I got a few years left. 🙂


  6. Very late to the party but I am definitely in. I appreciate the combination of Mustang performance, Thunderbird luxury and a degree of rarity when you take it to cruise night.


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