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First…56PackardMan has decided to stop writing his blog. For me, that is sad news, indeed. We don’t agree on every issue, but that’s okay. He has been a tremendous supporter of Disaffected Musings. I hope he will continue to read this blog, at least occasionally, and share his knowledge in comments. All the best, sir.


For the 100th post of 2020 I have decided to show the first installment of In Or Out? (Could be the last for all I know.) This car, which I admit is a particular favorite of mine, was featured in an episode of Wheeler Dealers that I was recently able to “re-acquire.” Yes, I know if I subscribe to the Motor Trend app/service, I can watch any episode and without commercials if I choose the premium subscription. Sorry, but after spending triple digits a month on satellite TV I’m not spending more money to watch a channel that I can already watch.

Let me set out a few ground rules…I do not expect you to write “this car is #73 on my list of favorite cars.” I do not expect you to sit down and actually compose the list of your favorite 100 cars. This is just an exercise where you comment on whether or not a particular car would likely be in or out of your 100 favorites. You can explain your reasons or not. This is a free-form exercise with no rules. Just write what you want about the car, but I very much hope for meaningful participation. Without further ado:


See the source image

See the source image


From AutoEvolution a couple of pictures of the Maserati 3200GT. This car was manufactured from 1998 to 2002; 4,795 were produced. The 3200GT was really only available in Europe. The successor, simply called the Maserati Coupe, was imported into the US.

The 3200GT was designed by Italdesign, which was founded and led at the time by Giorgetto Giugiaro, who had designed the legendary first Maserati Ghibli. This car was powered by a Ferrari designed and built 3.2 liter/196 cubic-inch twin-turbo V-8 that produced 363 HP/362 LB-FT of torque. It was available with a six-speed manual or four-speed automatic.

These cars had one known flaw. The fly-by-wire throttle system would become erratic over time. It was more a matter of design than of execution.

OK, Maserati 3200 GT…In Or Out?







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12 thoughts on “In Or Out?

  1. All in! I remember seeing the car in Valencia, Spain…I always thought it was a good looking car.


  2. Out, but only barely. I prefer the older Maseratis and if the finances allowed I would own several.

    I also will miss 56packardman. Hope it’s only a temporary “closing”.


    1. Thanks for voting, sir. It’s now 3-1 “Out” for the Maserati 3200GT.

      I must admit that this car is a no-brainer “In” for me. (No-brainer, all right…) In fact, if forced to pick a Top 100 I think this car would rank somewhere between 20 and 30. Throttle problems aside, I love the styling and the thought of driving a car powered by a Ferrari V-8 producing 363 HP/362 LB-FT of torque from just 196 cubic inches.

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    1. Thanks, sir. I understand the sentiment, but note that this is a vote for some vaguely defined and personal Top 100. Oh, not trying to get you to change your vote. If you’ve been reading the blog lately you know that I prefer the later Maserati GranTurismo from 2007 onward.

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