It Never Ends…

Here is what I wrote to the “restaurant” where we ate lunch yesterday:


I will skip over the myriad of things that went wrong during my first–and only–visit to your establishment and focus on the most important: the fact that I became violently ill after being served something called Smoked Salmon Benedict, but that was, in reality, poached eggs with charred wood planks. Your restaurant is a joke only I’m not laughing.


I have no energy to write anything else today.






10 thoughts on “It Never Ends…

  1. “Other than that, how did you enjoy the play Mrs. Lincoln?”

    Just kidding, sorry for your traumatic dining experience. Dining out these days has become a crapshoot, which is very distressing.


    1. Thanks, Doc. It’s funny you would use Lincoln; I have imagined this establishment offering me a voucher and I respond, “Mrs. Lincoln, sorry about your husband. How would you like a year’s subscription to the theatre on us?”

      Ironically, the decline in quantity and quality of workers in America makes fast food a better bet, relatively speaking. These places have very well established systems to minimize variation. Of course, some people could screw up a one-car funeral.


      1. I’ve always said more businesses need to be like McDonald’s, standardizing operations and scaling up the standards.
        When I had my Hyundai, I was surprised at how different the three service departments were that I dealt with. Which is why I no longer drive a Hyundai.


      2. Thanks, Doc. I know this will offend the food “aficionados” and my writing this might literally be the kiss of death, but I have never become sick after eating at a McDonald’s. When we moved from California to Texas I was suffering from GI distress, perhaps due to stress. The only place we stopped along the way to eat was at McDonald’s restaurants and I had no problems.


  2. Pretty much any restaurant, sit down or fast food, is a crap shoot anymore. Some of it is the attitude of the workers and some is the margin between profit and loss means that corners are getting cut far too often on cleanliness and safe food handling. I know I have had “Taco Bell Syndrome” from many different places, some even well known and respected chains.

    I try to go to smaller “mom and pop” type places. I have had far better luck at single location family run restaurants than big chains. Other than that, I guess the only safe choice is to cook at home and hope what you bought at the grocery store was handled and packaged correctly.


  3. I trust you are feeling better. We find cooking at home a better choice; however, sometimes a change of decor is helpful for the attitude. We have become very, very picky about our choices of restaurant. Of course the cooking at home option has its limits, We try to spice things up lifting recipes from the Food Network. My favorite quote about cooking comes from Julia Child.

    “Food is important and if you don’t know how to cook, it’s tragic.”

    My cousin posted this meme a while back:

    I went to pantry looking for food and all I found were ingredients!


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