Fractious Friday

For the third post with this title, let’s start with some “fighting” words.


I’m sure some of the SJW’s/woke believers want to confiscate ICE cars and think they have the right to do so. OK, I propose that the US government confiscate all dogs. After all, almost five million dog bites are recorded every year in the US and almost a million of those require medical care.

Government exists to protect property rights, not to usurp them. Government is not a panacea populated by supermen. It is lost on the SJWs/woke believers in this country that US carbon dioxide emissions have declined by 20% just since 2000 despite a population that is still growing AND that cars and trucks account for only 20% of global CO2 emissions.

To paraphrase a famous line from Animal House: smug, self-righteous and arrogant is no way to go through life.


What do you think? Did I make my point? I am going to write the following again: Why waste BILLIONS of dollars building charging stations and the like when all we have to do is to change the fuel that powers the current engine paradigm? Yes, that solution makes too much sense and fails to satisfy smug, self-righteous and arrogant ideologues in their quest for control and punishment.


I had some interest in this story, which I first saw in a post from Why Evolution Is True. Here is the beginning of the piece:

The University of Wisconsin will no longer require diversity, equity and inclusion statements from job applicants, UW System President Jay Rothman announced Thursday.

The move comes after Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has threatened to cut state funding to Wisconsin’s public universities. Specifically, Vos has criticized DEI programming at UW as an attempt to “indoctrinate” students with taxpayer dollars.

It’s common for universities to ask potential faculty to submit statements describing how they’ve used their work to further diversity, equity and inclusion. Rothman did not provide an estimate of how many UW positions have previously required such statements, but described the number as “limited.”

“We remain absolutely committed to the principles of DEI,” Rothman told reporters Thursday [yesterday]. “But when some people believe mandatory diversity statements in employment applications are political litmus tests, then we are not being inclusive.”

Sometimes applicants use such statements to discuss what they could offer as member of a group that’s underrepresented in academia. Critics have charged that such statements are being used to pressure applicants into affirming liberal viewpoints.


As every regular reader knows I believe that DEI really stands for Deny Excellent Individuals. I think that mandating “DEI” statements in job applications should be illegal.


Even though this Classic Cars piece was published last October, a link to it didn’t show up in my email until this week. Imagine my delight when this was the first picture I saw:



This is a 1942 DeSoto, a car with one of my favorite “faces” ever. Apparently, every year an Orphan Car Show is held in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

The Classic Cars article is actually not much more than a collection of many photos from the most recent show. Maybe I need to get myself to Ypsilanti at least once to see it.







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4 thoughts on “Fractious Friday

  1. Programs of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are nothing more than high sounding programs to discriminate in an effort to “correct” past wrongs by discriminating against those who had no part in the original discrimination. History is the PAST, there is nothing you can do about it, except to learn from it in order to not repeat the same mistakes. Of course if you haven’t learned history then thou art ignorant and will commit stupid repetitions of past historical mistakes. I have stepped down from my soapbox and shall end this rant.


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