A Case Of Mistaken Identity

Another strange and disturbing dream…I was working at a job I seemed to enjoy as I think it involved the automobile industry. In addition, the office setting seemed large, open and informal.

I was preparing for a work-related trip when someone who apparently worked in company security informed me I would not be taking that trip and that my job was in serious jeopardy. He then showed a criminal complaint against me alleging I had assaulted someone.

The complaint was barely legible as it was hand-written, not typed, and did not look official to me. More importantly, I did not know either the person I had allegedly assaulted or the person listed as a witness and could not recall ever having been to the place where the alleged assault occurred.

The security “officer” talked like it was a fait accompli that I would go to jail. I was 101% sure I did not commit the crime and began to scream at this person that it was a case of mistaken identity.

I decided to leave the premises and tried to take as many of my belongings as I could. At that point, I thought that maybe I was leaving my own house as so many of my personal items were there. I also realized I could not carry everything by myself.

The more I think about this dream, the more upset I become. I wonder if it’s connected to the following real-life situation.

About a month ago I started to receive calls on my cell phone (remember that we no longer have a “landline”) from a large Internet service company. More specifically, these calls are from the company department that deals with business accounts. The calls were to inform me that a technician was on his way to my location. I do not have an account with this company and, of course, don’t have a business.

I have called them twice to tell them about this. When I have called it seems as though I was calling a legitimate company. The second rep I spoke to said it must have been a typo on the account and that my number would be removed. Well, the calls are still coming although those numbers are now blocked. Calls from blocked numbers can still leave voicemail messages.

I have had the same cell phone number for almost 20 years, from the time we lived in Texas. A similar situation to what is happening now occurred for years as I would receive calls for a woman who, apparently, owed a lot of money to one or more companies.

Two or three times I called the originating number to explain I was not this person. I was assured my number would be removed from the account, but the calls persisted for years.

It is frightening to think that people can, and are, falsely connected to entities/situations and be falsely accused of “crimes” they did not commit. Once again: NO endeavor of human beings is perfect because NO human being is perfect.


I actually didn’t take a lot of pictures at yesterday’s car gathering, but here are some more.



The bottom photo shows just one of the many areas where cars are parked for this event. Oh, can you tell that I really like the current Supra?





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5 thoughts on “A Case Of Mistaken Identity

  1. “Oh, can you tell that I really like the current Supra?” It’s kind of hard to tell. 🙂

    Catching up on my reading, been busy as a one arm paper hanger, I see you got your Corvette back. When they replaced the ECU I’m guessing you lost the upgrades you recently had installed?

    Speaking of upgrades, I took High Times to the drag strip twice in the last 3 weeks. The couple runs I had last year showed I needed to work on the new upgrades to “dial them in.” More horsepower, 1072 at the wheels, different trans and rear suspension, has been probably too many changes at once. Luckily my last chassis and cage upgrade, to 7.90 specs, are sufficient for the moment. I’m still not totally satisfied with the launch, some different springs and more shock adjustments are needed, but 8.65 at 161 mph isn’t too shabby. Once I get it dialed in more, I want to go to some of the big money bracket races being put on. I no longer can run with South East Gasser Association, due to the blower, Clutchflite trans and Caltracs rear end.

    One door closes, but another opens.


    1. DDM! Oh man, sometimes I really envy your life.

      Yes, the Z06 is back in stock tune meaning it’s lost a little horsepower. On the other hand, I don’t have to make a 35-mile round trip so I can pay $9/gallon for race gas, either. In a strange development, the boost gauge seems to be working properly for the first time in my ownership of the car. Comme ci, Comme ça


  2. Toyota does some nice styling design that is understated and appealing which unfortunately goes unnoticed to the general public.

    I watched some of the Le Mans coverage this weekend and the Corvette team was doing very well in the GT class.


  3. I wonder if the calls you are receiving are really from the company. There are plenty of scams out there where scammers claiming to be from a company are billing other companies and individuals for non-existent work.
    India is full of these scammers and they are very successful at what they do. They operate as a shadow business underneath a legitimate call center so they make it very hard for law enforcement to separate the criminal divisions from the legitimate operations.


    1. Thanks, JS. Of course, I have considered the possibility that this is a scam. The people with whom I spoke, though, did not have accents from the Asian sub-continent and it is not difficult to scam legitimate companies, either, with a fake name, address or phone number.


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