Thanksgiving Eve

Seems appropriate to share this link even if it’s from a minion of the Evil Empire. The video shows the classic scenes from the “Turkeys Away” episode of WKRP In Cincinnati. The show still remains one of my favorites and I think it is orders of magnitude funnier than any so-called sitcom being produced today.


WKRP's 'Turkeys Away' Episode Celebrates Another Anniversary This Year


I’m not sure I will post tomorrow–I wasn’t sure I would post today–so I want to wish all of you Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays. Unlike last year, my sister and niece will not be joining us for the holiday, which puts a bit of a damper on the day.

I am not going to use a disingenuous tone and write about all of the things for which I am grateful. I see much in the world and much in my life that needs to improve, but I am glad to be married to my wonderful wife and, this will probably seem like a shallow perspective, glad to be debt-free.


In the first 2 1/2 months (!) I have owned the Mustang GT I have driven it about 1,600 miles. Without a third car to “absorb” mileage, both the Mustang and my wonderful wife’s Corvette are accumulating more mileage.



All I want to write is so far, so good. While I don’t really believe in karma and I know that human memories are selective, it does seem that when I “brag” about something or engage in hyperbole bad things seem to happen.

The car is more comfortable and more practical than the Z06 even if it isn’t as fast although it’s certainly not slow. In all honesty, I think the engine and exhaust sound better in the Mustang, especially in Sport mode. I wish I could make that the default setting upon startup, but have not been able to find a way to do that.

So far my overall mileage is about 22 MPG, which–not surprisingly–is better than the Z06, which made a tad less than 19 MPG while I drove it. I cannot stand the Ford logo at the top of the windshield so I have ordered an Arizona sticker to cover it. I think that’s the only visible Ford logo or badge on the car.

I have to admit that I am not as excited about the Mustang as I was about the Z06, nor am I as proud or as willing to take it to car shows. I mean, Mustangs are everywhere. Still, for what I wanted as a primary car–a good-looking car with good performance and without a six-figure price tag–the Mustang is more than good enough. If a Dodge Challenger would fit in our garage I might have considered one, but if my mother were green I would have been a frog.

In all seriousness, this could still be the newest car I own ten years from now. With the insane, blind march to EVs I doubt I will buy a 2025 or 2027 model year car. Any “new” car, which will have to wait until we have space to comfortably park more cars, will certainly be older, maybe even much older.







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Throwback Thursday: WKRP Edition

“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.” That line comes from the hysterical episode of WKRP In Cincinnati called “Turkeys Away.” From a Pinterest page, a picture of Richard Sanders as Les Nessman from that episode:


See the source image

WKRP In Cincinnati is one of my favorite TV shows ever. I worked in radio, although not until after the show’s original run ended. Most of the humor seemed organic. Think the “Turkeys Away” episode was contrived? It was inspired by a real promotion conducted by an Atlanta radio station, although in real life the live turkeys were tossed from the back of a truck and not from a helicopter.

Let me back up…feeling left out after new Program Director Andy Travis (played by Gary Sandy) has basically taken control of the station, Station Manager Arthur Carlson (Gordon Jump) has a big idea for an unforgettable Thanksgiving promo–drop live turkeys from a helicopter into a crowd waiting below. He keeps this plan a secret from all but one other station employee, bumbling Sales Director Herb Tarlek (Frank Bonner).

The line I quoted at the beginning of this post is the last line of the episode and is said by Carlson.

One of the lines from the opening theme song of WKRP was “up and down the dial.” That played out in real life for the show, to its detriment, as beginning in its second season, CBS moved WKRP’s day/time slot around quite a bit. In those days before easily programmable DVRs people had to watch a show live. If they didn’t know when it was on, then they couldn’t watch it.

Declining ratings caused the show to be cancelled after four seasons. Ironically, the last original episode ranked at number 7 in the Nielsen ratings the week it aired, but the show had already been cancelled. I don’t know if the public knew about the cancellation and that’s why the ratings were good.

I don’t know what possessed me to write about WKRP and “Turkeys Away” today, but I hope those of you who remember the show, and the episode, enjoyed the “throwback.”


When we decided to put our house on the market in early July so we could move to the desert, my wonderful wife and I made a little bet as to when we would actually move. She said September 18; I said November 18.

With the flurry of showings in the first two weeks after listing the house, it looked as if my wonderful wife was a lock to win. Now, there is no way we will move by the 18th of September, so the clock is ticking. Whoever is closer to the actual move date wins the bet. The stakes? No one’s business but our own, but it is a small bet more for fun than for anything else.


Is my showing/writing about a car in almost every post necessary? I love cars (duh…), but sometimes I have nothing car-related about which to write for a given post. I have to admit that sometimes I just show a car because I think that’s what the readers expect. Why do you think I write about historical car “events” from sources like 365 Days of Motoring?

Anyway…from My Classic Garage a picture of a car like the one my father bought instead of a 1965 Corvette convertible:


See the source image



This is a 1965 Cadillac Deville convertible. My father’s car was light blue and I am only 95% sure it was a ’65. Cadillac built 19,200 Deville convertibles for that model year.

At the time, I didn’t know he was considering buying a Corvette convertible. He told me much later, perhaps during one of the summers I worked for him. Who knows? If he had bought the Vette, I might still have it today.

His Cadillac was the first car I ever saw with power windows, power locks, etc. Those features made quite an impression on the very young me.

My attraction to Cadillacs comes honestly. Buying a 2000-02 Eldorado after we move is still a distinct possibility. I guess showing a ’65 Deville convertible is a throwback, at least to me.









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