Where Is Cristy Lee? Redux

First…some good news, for a change. The results of my latest thyroid ultrasound were better than ever. Even the one growth (of about six) on my thyroid that appeared “troublesome” in the past no longer seems to be. All growths were small, <1 cm. The doctor said I could have more imaging in two years, but that wasn’t strictly necessary.

My TSH levels have always been in the normal range although sometimes with some interesting fluctuations within the range. Whatever is ailing me is almost certainly not a function of my thyroid.

More than 52,000 new cases of thyroid cancer and more than 2,000 deaths from it occur every year in the US. Women are 3 times more likely to develop thyroid cancer. Heredity also seems to be a major risk factor.


Second…the months of April, May, June and July of 2020 are the four highest months in terms of views/visitors in the history of Disaffected Musings. If the average of these four months could be maintained for an entire calendar year, that would represent a doubling of these figures compared to 2019. Obviously, people being home much more is playing a role in the increase in blog activity. I am grateful for the increase in views, but I will continue to ask for the sale. Please feel free to tell your friends about the blog and to pass along the URL (https://disaffectedmusings.com), please feel free to click on any (or all) of the related posts at the bottom of each post, please feel free to “Like” any post and to submit thoughtful comments.


Speaking of the history of this blog…it was inevitable, I guess. Where Is Cristy Lee? is now the most read post or entry in the history of Disaffected Musings, even surpassing the About page.

I first published the post about Cristy Lee in January when she didn’t appear on the Motor Trend broadcast of the Barrett-Jackson auction from Scottsdale. Of course, we later learned that broadcast would be the last on Motor Trend, at least for the foreseeable future, as whenever the Barrett-Jackson live auctions resume (now tentatively scheduled for late October, also from Scottsdale) they will be broadcast on History and fyi.

As I suspected when she joined the cast of Garage Squad, Lee left All Girls Garage after season 8. Her departure, and the departure of Lou Santiago and Jared Zimmerman from Car Fix, are almost certainly due to financial considerations. As I have written before, it is show business. The current hosts of both shows, which are produced by the same company, are almost certainly earning less than the previous host combinations. Of course, I am “obliged” to show a picture of the lovely Ms. Lee, this time from her website cristylee.tv that I don’t think is actively maintained.


See the source image


Here’s a still from a video on the minion of the Evil Empire, also called YouTube, of a 1961 Pontiac Ventura bubble top. Ever since seeing a 1962 model on TV at the Mecum auction from Arizona in 2019 I have really developed a hankering for a car like this:


See the source image


I think the Mecum car went unsold at a high bid of $62,000, so a car like this is not in my future barring a lottery win. I do, however, have a long history with Pontiac and will always have a soft spot for the make. What is life without dreams?






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