Wednesday Words Of Wisdom

Once again, from Vince Lombardi:


“We as individuals have struggled to liberate ourselves from ancient traditions, congealed creeds and despotic states. Therefore, freedom was necessarily idealized against order, the new against the old and genius against discipline. Everything was done to strengthen the rights of the individual and weaken the state…and weaken all authority. I think we all shared in this rebellion, but maybe the battle was too completely won, maybe we have too much freedom. Maybe we have so long ridiculed authority in the family, discipline in education and decency in conduct and law that our freedom has brought us close to chaos.”


From last week an article from Hagerty about “records” the C8 Corvette Z06 engine will/could set for production car V-8 engines. Two are the highest redline in an American performance car, but more significantly and one about which I have written, the highest output from a naturally-aspirated V-8.



It should be obvious that this is not a C8 Z06 as they have not been officially introduced. This is my “go-to” picture of a C8 because I really like the color combination.

The LT6, the designation for the C8 Z06 engine, will almost certainly be the last exciting iteration of a naturally-aspirated, internal combustion motor for a Corvette. The E-Ray, supposedly to be introduced the model year after the Z06, will bring hybrid technology to the Vette. If the rumors are true, the ZR-1–with a twin-turbo version of the Z06 engine–will be next and then the Zora, which is supposed to have the twin-turbo engine PLUS electric motors. After that, it’s entirely possible that either the C9 or C10 will be electric only. By the way, the rumors are that the Zora will have 1,000+ HP and 1,000+ LB-FT of torque. Oh, it won’t cost seven figures like the McLaren P1 or the Ferrari LaFerrari.

My head is spinning and my heart is heavy at the thought of being able to buy a new Corvette only with an electric drivetrain. With almost 1.8 million Corvettes having been sold, will Chevrolet make it to two million before total electrification?







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