Munday Mosings

What do you call a cow that has just given birth?


My wonderful wife and I watch The Incredible Dr. Pol and Heartland Docs on Nat Geo Wild. The joke that begins today’s post was shown on the latter, posted on the marquis outside of the vets’ office.


I think the Internet gremlins have punished the 365 Days Of Motoring website for not being secure as the site is no longer accessible. Although I wasn’t using the site as often as I had been as a source for blog material, it’s a little disappointing that it is not available.

Sometimes, I have toyed with the idea of writing an idiosyncratic history of the automobile industry, at least of the US. The fact that automotive reference books are not updated anymore tells me that’s not a good idea. Of course, the publishing industry has undergone a sea change away from big publishing houses and toward individuals and e-publishing.

Speaking of automotive reference books:



I wanted to acknowledge the book that is the core of Threes And Sevens. While information in that post series comes from multiple sources, this is the source that provides the most.


I am supposed to pick up the Buick Cascada tomorrow. Of course, a snag has occurred. To be safe, I thought I would wire the money today. Wires are usually received on the same day. Well, this is probably the first time that our brokerage company of almost 15 years has let me down.

When I went to initiate the wire instructions, the little message on the screen indicated the wire could not be sent today, but that tomorrow was the first available day. I hope the dealership receives the funds before our scheduled pickup, but who knows at this point? (PS, apparently today is a federal holiday. I had no idea.) Once again, a picture of the car:



I have still not perused automobile listings on the Internet since agreeing to buy the Cascada. However, I am still looking at real estate listings for houses with at least a 4-car garage.

The number of homes with exactly a 4-car garage in our desired areas and with a few other criteria is usually about 30. However, many of those are actually in an unincorporated part of Maricopa County and the homes do not have public sewer or city water. The reason they appear in a search is that they are in a zip code where we would consider living. We would never consider living in a house without public sewer/water, though.

The de facto number of desirable and affordable listings is usually only two or three. Believe it or not, I have found homes with a 5-car or 6-car garage that are affordable and in a desirable location. Recently, I even found an affordable house with a 7-car garage. This exercise is not about an imminent move. I am simply trying to reassure us that when the time comes and we make the move to a single-level home we will be able to expand our garage space as well as our lot size. Those “deficiencies” stick in my craw.

To those of you who say I am ungrateful about having a nice house in a nice neighborhood and conclude that I must be a “glass half-empty” type of person, I remind you that I don’t even see the glass. Life is short and I think we should do whatever is possible to make ourselves happy as long as it’s legal and doesn’t intentionally hurt others. Oh, we shouldn’t bankrupt ourselves in the process, either.


As always, I welcome thoughtful comments.







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