Racing Gas

Yes, I “broke down” and purchased 100 Octane gasoline a few days ago. It was, by far, the most expensive fill-up in my life. Maybe it was just my imagination and/or the power of suggestion, but my Z06 did seem to have “stronger legs” and run more smoothly with the higher octane fuel.

I can’t predict with any accuracy how often I will use the high octane gas, but that was never an option anywhere near us in the mid-Atlantic, at least not as far as I know. What was also not “an option” in the place in which we used to live is to be able to drive 5-10 miles without stopping on roads that have lights.

On a couple of the major north-south roads near us, I have had multiple drives where even though there are lights, the way the lights are timed meant I didn’t have to stop for miles. Sometimes, I could see a red light in the distance, but by the time I reached that intersection the light had changed to green.

Obviously, that makes for a much more enjoyable driving experience. The fact that this area has about 300 sunny days a year and no snow doesn’t hurt, either. OK, maybe it will snow once every 4-6 years, but the snow will be gone within 24 hours. We have been told to be careful driving on the few days it does rain and if we don’t have drive when it’s raining, then we shouldn’t.

Here’s a photo not of a major road, but of a road in a neighborhood close to us:



Hey, you’ve been warned about my affinity for the native scenery and of my propensity to show it here.


Here’s a photo of some more “native scenery.”



This Maserati GranTurismo coupe is typical of the genre of automobiles we see in this area. I have written this before, but it is really the case that I see more interesting cars in three days here than I would see in a year in the mid-Atlantic. Oh, that color looked amazing in person.

As regular readers know, I am quite enamored with these cars. Unfortunately, they are simply too impractical (read that as too expensive to acquire/maintain, too long for our garage, too valuable to be parked outside) for us to acquire for any reason at present. Maybe some day…yes, so many cars, just one life.







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