Tick Tock Two

Down to 65 hours until the end of 2020…

Yet another person in the sports world with whom I worked has died in 2020. Bob Brown, who was the Public Relations Director for the Baltimore Orioles for 35 years–including while I worked for the team–died on Sunday the 27th.

Brown and I did not work together, per se, as I worked in Baseball Operations and not Public Relations, but I did assist his department in putting together the minor league players section of the team’s annual Media Guide. He had a reputation for having a temper, but I seldom saw that side of him and he treated me cordially, even if he didn’t quite understand what I was doing for the team.


“And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

– John Donne


Even though I managed a post of normal length yesterday, it was the Corvette anniversary that bailed me out. I am still at a loss for topics about which to write.

Although December has already set “records” for most views and visitors in a month, those metrics have tailed off in the last week. Which came first, my running out of ideas or the decline in blog views? Well, at least I can keep showing these:



Stay safe and be well.






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