“Thoughtless” Thursday

The word “thoughtless” has many meanings for me today. First, the incompetent idiots who packed and loaded the contents of our “old” house wreaked much havoc on our possessions. The most serious bungle is the rendering of my treadmill into a large doorstop as they broke the male end of the electrical connection, the part actually in the treadmill. On an upset scale of 1 to 10, I am a 100.

Of course, we didn’t buy extra insurance so I think we’re only covered for pennies per pound. The “Johnny Astro Syndrome” is alive and well.

Second, I had many topics about which I wanted to write today, but as I recounted here, if I don’t actually make a note to myself then it’s highly unlikely I will remember those topics. Granted, that’s a stretched definition of “thoughtless.”




How many people are wearing masks?! You DO NOT have the right to make me and others sick. (In the “better late than never” category comes this story about the CDC finally acknowledging that masks also help the wearer. No sh*t, Sherlock!)

For centuries “ordinary” citizens rebelled against the yoke of tyranny, against kings and lords. I think in many contexts that the pendulum has now swung too far in the other direction. Many people have absolutely no respect for authority or for the rights of others. NO ONE has unlimited freedom. Unlimited freedom is anarchy, not freedom.

Your political views do NOT give you the right to wreak havoc on others. YOU are NOT the only person in the world and YOU are NOT even the only person that matters. A hundred years from now you won’t even be here. Stop having delusions of grandeur.

Speaking of politics, here is a personal definition:


Democracy is a form of government where citizens have the ability to partly–but only partly–mitigate the effects of idiotic policies enacted by governments, regardless of the political party doing the enacting. In a totalitarian state the citizens have little or no ability to mitigate.

When ideology triumphs over common sense and empiricism, the result is what you see today, sh*t. This is not a veiled endorsement of Democrats/Liberals who claim to be the party of “truth.” They will stray far from the truth when it suits their purpose just like all people who blindly adhere to ideology and refuse to acknowledge that their beliefs are NOT absolute truth.


To quote Jerry Seinfeld once again, “We are nothing but raindrops on a windshield.” Stop thinking that you have the right to impose your “beliefs” on others.

Sorry, no cars today.






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