The Plague Of Anti-Semitism

I know this post title will stop a lot of people from reading. So be it…


Sadly, scarily it appears to be “Open Season” on Jews. Here are just two of countless events.

Google’s former Head of “Diversity” (I will not dignify his existence by mentioning his name) tweeted that “Jews love to start wars.” He is still employed by the Evil Empire although he was removed from his role as Head of “Diversity.”

April Powers, former “Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer” for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Editors, was fired from her job for criticizing anti-Semitism. I am not making that up. Oh, she is not just a Jewish woman, but a Black Jewish woman. You see, Powers didn’t also criticize Islamophobia and she defended her stance on Facebook.

I am using all of my willpower not to launch into a profanity-laced tirade. However, this is not some academic exercise. Jewish lives are literally at stake. From this article:


“This holds for all beleaguered minorities except one. And you know which one that is: the Jews. Although they’re the most frequent victims of hate crimes in the U.S. on a per capita basis, Jews though a tiny minority, are not considered minorities and are not considered oppressed—despite the data I just gave and the increasing tendency of the American Left to tilt towards anti-Israel sentiments and, indeed, anti-Semitic movements like BDS. Lest you fault me for going off on anti-Semitism again, be aware that this is one of the biggest hypocrisies of the Western Left, right up there with the Left’s failure to defend the rights of gays and women that are regularly abrogated in Arab countries. After all, Arabs are considered people of color and Jews are honorary white people.”


The author of this piece is not an American conservative, but an American liberal. While, of course, the neo-Nazi faction of the American right hates Jews because, well, they’re neo-Nazis, the American left’s rapidly increasing hatred of Jews is just as real, just as wrong and misguided and just as dangerous.

I could show the Nobel Prize data again–you know, Jews are two-tenths of one percent of the world’s population, but have been awarded 26% of the Nobel Prizes in Physics–but narrow-minded racists don’t care about facts. What I can write is that Israel’s existence has never been as important as it is now.