The Narcissistic States Of America, Part 2

We received notification this morning that someone wanted to see the house at 11 AM. Of course, we approved the showing.

Since we had errands to run, we left the house at 10:45 AM. After we had finished our errands at about 11:40 I checked our cameras to see if the realtor/potential buyers were still there. THEY HAD NEVER SHOWED UP! They also never contacted us to tell us they would be late or a no-show.

The other realtor eventually contacted our realtor and apologized, claiming she tried to cancel the showing through the appointment service because her buyers were “running late.” My wonderful wife and I are livid as, of course, this is hardly the first time something like this has happened.

To his credit, our realtor has changed the showing procedure going forward so that other realtors have to call him directly to set up an appointment to see the house. He says that he can then “warn” them to be on time or call if they are not going to be on time.

YOU are not the only person in the world! What you are doing is NOT the only thing that matters! My wonderful wife works at home so leaving the house for a showing on weekdays is a major inconvenience.

To the narcissistic, self-absorbed and ignorant Americans, Zolst Leegen En Drerd!