Sunday Miscellaneous

I had another weird dream last night, a dream that a tree had fallen in our front yard. The tree had come completely out of the ground and the root system was visible. The only hitch was that the way the tree was laying in the yard, it could not have come from our lot. Explaining why that is so is unnecessary, only the point needs to be made.

In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Isaias, many trees were downed in this area. Many of those had come completely out of the ground and their root systems were visible. The storm even spawned two tornadoes in this state including the one with the longest recorded tornado path in state history.



In our almost 13 years of living in the mid-Atlantic, we have experienced blizzards and severe tropical weather. Where we are going we are very unlikely to experience any of those events. That sounds OK to me; I’ll take four months of heat as the “price” to pay.


I will probably post every day until I can’t. Yes, that sounds like a tautology. What I mean is that in the near future I will be unable to post for 10-15 days while we move and get settled into our new house, get set up with utilities there and so forth.


I wonder how long it will be before we see one of these in the desert…


See the source image


From formulamotors a picture of a 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast. As I wrote here, we saw more interesting cars in 3-4 days in the Phoenix area than we would see in a year here in the mid-Atlantic. Given the automotive stimuli overload, it’s possible we saw one of these and it was “lost” amidst all the automobile eye candy.

Yes, if you have to ask then you almost certainly can’t afford it. OK…the base MSRP is about $340,000. As handsome as the car is, I see a distinct resemblance to the C7 Corvette, side “scallops” aside.

IF I could afford one and had a place to park it, I would probably own a Ferrari. Yes, if I could afford one then it is likely I would have a place to park it. The Portofino was included in my Ultimate Garage 2.0 and the California, the Portofino’s predecessor and the best-selling Ferrari in history, was part of my first Ultimate Garage.

I admire and respect the engineering and performance of current Lamborghini models, but the company is part of VolkswagenAudi. I just don’t think I could get past that association and buy a Lambo, assuming I could afford one. Frank Sinatra supposedly remarked, “People who want to be somebody buy a Ferrari. People who are somebody buy a Lamborghini.” Of course, he said that a long time ago, well before Lamborghini’s integration into the Shitlermobile company.

What sayeth thee? Would you buy a Ferrari if you could afford it? Would you make a cross-country move if you really wanted to do so?







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