Saturday Solstice

If today’s Belmont Stakes starts on time, then the race will begin in the Spring and end in the Summer. Post time for the Belmont is supposed to be 5:42 PM ET; the summer solstice is at 5:43 PM and the race lasts two and a half minutes. It’s not likely, though, that the race will start on time.


From Sophia Loren via The Muscleheaded Blog:


“It’s a mistake to think that once you’re done with school you need never learn anything new.”


Amen…oh, you want to see a picture. OK, from the post quoted above:










Until watching the most recent episode of Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC I was unaware of this car. Live and learn…


image of hotel


My wonderful wife and I were both immediately smitten by the looks of this car. (The picture is from, which is not a secure site. Hey people, it’s not difficult to make your site secure. Why it’s not done all the time is beyond me. OK, maybe unscrupulous people want you to visit a site that is not secure.)

From the same website:


“Toward the end of 1955 Italian Industrialist Gianni Agnelli known as “L’ Avvocato” commissioned building of the Chrysler-Boano Coupe while he was vice president of Fiat. He tasked Mario Boano, formally of Carrozzeria Ghia, with producing a, ‘2-seat coupe with a powerful, modern mechanical system, a classic British style coupe, not a modern shape.'”

“The basic design sketches took just ten days. Mr. Agnelli chose his favorite one and from that single sketch a “master model” was created, In the meantime, a new Chrysler 300 chassis was ordered; 3N561171 was produced by Chrysler on February 1st, 1956. By the fall of 1956 the body panels were welded to the chassis. It would take an additional two months of hand fabrication work to create the individual components.”

“Toward the end of 1956 the car was completed and on an invitation from Boano, Agnelli came to inspect the finished coupe. While he was very pleased with the final result, he was bothered by the prospect of being seen in public driving a foreign car while he was ascending to the presidency of Fiat. Ultimately Agnelli decided to give the car to his brother Umberto.”

“…The Chrysler-Boano coupe features a frame shortened by the coachbuilder from the original 126” to 119” to better complement the two-seater layout. The mechanicals remained the stock Chrysler 300B high performance 354 cubic inches (5.8 liter) Hemi engine combined with a 3 speed TorqueFlite push-button automatic transmission.”


I confess I cleaned up some spelling and other “mistakes.” The Chrysler-Ghia partnership of the 1950s yielded some stunning cars like the Dual-Ghia, the Chrysler Ghia ST Special and this car.

The episode was about cars reaching perfection and this car was shown at the end of the episode during the “Assess and Caress” segment featuring renowned automobile appraiser Donald Osborne. He gave the car a value of $800,000. To me, the car is priceless.


You didn’t think I would write a post with the word “Solstice” in the title and not show one of these, did you?


See the source image


From a picture of a Pontiac Solstice, supposedly a GXP model.








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