Son Of Not So Frugal Friday

Believe it or not, I was originally going to call this post Audacious, Belligerent Son Of Not So Frugal Friday. Talk about a buzzkill…

Maybe this post is a combination of Ultimate Garage and Million-Dollar Challenge. Then again, maybe this post is just my pulling the pin, burning it down, just saying f*ck it. (Oh, please feel free to click on the links to other Disaffected Musings posts or to other sites on the Internet. I am never going to publish a hyperlink to an unsecured site.)

In an episode of Transplant the young, ambitious surgical resident asks the attending physician in charge, “Haven’t you ever just wanted to burn it down to the ground?” a reference to the latter’s seeming obsession with doing things by the book and not making waves. Surprisingly, the attending answers, “Yes,” and then says she did that once or twice. She then says that she was the only person who got burned.

Still, the temptation to thumb our nose at convention and behavioral constraints can, at least sometimes, just be too overwhelming to ignore. While I might be able to buy one of these cars if I decided to significantly deplete my net worth, I am just not wired to pull the pin or to say f*ck it. Here is an exercise in automotive fantasy, in car porn, if you will.


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From nuvomagazine a picture of an Aston Martin DB11. The V-12 AMR edition of the car starts at about $275,000.

As I have written before, I don’t think Aston Martin have (using the British convention of a company needing the plural conjugation of a verb) ever made an unattractive car. The damn virus has hurt the company not long after it seemingly turned itself around to be profitable and even became a publicly-traded company on the London Stock Exchange.


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From Curbside Classic a picture of a Chrysler Ghia ST Special. Only four of these were built and they have been offered at auction and bid up to $450,000.



This is the gorgeous Rondine concept car drawn by the legendary automotive stylist Tom Tjaarda. Every time I watch Bitchin’ Rides I spend at least 30 seconds dreaming about winning the lottery and having Kindig-It Design build me this car, but over a modern chassis, of course. How much would that cost? I really have no idea, but the $500,000-$750,000 range sounds reasonable.

Contrary to what I have written before about a 1967 Corvette restomod or DeTomaso Longchamp being my first acquisition after winning a huge lottery jackpot, I actually think I would set a Rondine project in motion first, then buy/build the other two cars.


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From Wikipedia and not in Rosso, a picture of a Ferrari 812 Superfast. I mean, I couldn’t resist putting this car in this post. Just the name “Superfast” is compelling enough for me to want to buy the car. How much? The “base” MSRP is about $340,000.

Note that even in this exercise in car porn, I have not included any seven- or eight-figure cars. Too many of them look like pods. I am just not enamored of the looks of the Pagani Huayra or any Koenigsegg. I don’t care how fast or futuristic they are.

OK, before my mood deflates as I realize I can’t really have these cars, I am just going to call it quits. As always, please feel to indulge your own automotive fantasies, whether or not they fit the definition of an “Ultimate Garage” or not. We would like to read about them.

Stay safe and be well.













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