Sunday Supplement

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have offered good wishes to my wonderful wife, who also appreciates all the good wishes. She will be having major surgery on Friday the 10th.

While her doctor is saying all of the right things now, until you know you don’t know. I guess I’m channeling my inner Yogi Berra. I also think writing the blog is a good distraction from the bad distraction.


My brain, or what’s left of it, is still offering strange dreams. Early this morning I dreamt I was in a checkout line in a grocery store. I was having much difficulty remembering what had been rung up and what had not. To add to the confusion, a cashier change occurred while I was in line getting checked out.

When I finally finished I realized that two eggs had somehow escaped from the carton and been broken in the cart. The only comment made by onlookers was, “Gee, I didn’t know you could buy six eggs instead of a dozen.”


Congratulations to the college football teams of Alabama, Michigan, Georgia and Cincinnati for being named to the College Football Playoff (CFP). Don’t ask me why, but I really wanted Cincinnati to make the playoff. They are the first team from a non Power 5 conference to earn a berth in the CFP, which was instituted in 2014. Discussions are currently underway to devise a playoff system with more than four teams, but–not surprisingly–reaching an agreement has been difficult.

I am not surprised that Alabama was seeded Number One as I don’t think the committee wanted an Alabama-Georgia rematch in the semifinals. Georgia was seeded third and would have played Alabama right away if they had been seeded second. The two teams played yesterday in the SEC Championship with Alabama winning easily over previously undefeated Georgia. I have no idea who’s going to win and don’t really care; I am just hoping for three good games. Besides, any year when Notre Dame doesn’t get in is a good year for me. As I have written before, I have probably watched more college football this season than in the previous ten seasons combined.


In the nearly four years that I have been writing this blog I have noticed that on Sundays during the NFL season, the number of views/visitors is lower than on every other day of the week. Even though these football fans don’t submit comments they must be reading the blog Monday through Saturday.


Although my Small Car Saturday feature was a bust, I still have an interest in small cars. I am thinking about showing interesting cars with a wheelbase under 100 inches. Something like this would qualify:



This is a 1965 Corvette restomod, which was probably my favorite car at the Mecum auction in Arizona in March of 2020. If it still has the stock chassis (I don’t remember), then the wheelbase is 98 inches.

The first few times I was near a C2 Corvette I was surprised at just how small the car seems to be. A C7 Corvette has a wheelbase about 9 inches longer than a C2 although overall length is about 3 inches longer.

Anyway, in this post from earlier this year in which I showed “odd” cars I realized that all of them were on the small side. I guess I must like small cars and this is my blog. I’m not sure if I will make such posts a regular feature with its own title or whether I will just show them from time to time. Any thoughts would be appreciated.








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