Auto Show!

Would you believe that on this day (December 11) in 1894 the world’s first auto show was held? Four companies displayed a total of nine vehicles at the Internationale de Velocipidie et de Locomotion Automobile in Paris. This show evolved into the very famous Paris Auto Show that is still held today.

Today’s auto shows are, in my opinion, too much about cars that companies want to sell you and not enough about concept cars. I don’t know when the emphasis changed, but I remember attending auto shows with my father in the 1960s and 1970s where many of the cars were concept cars. I really wish I had some of the picture postcards from those events.


Corvette Interruptus! This piece in The Drive reports that the C8 Corvette will not be revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in January. (By the way, this is the last Detroit show that will be held in January as the event is moving to July beginning in 2020.)

From Automobile Magazine is a rendering of a “potential” C8 that I have shown before:

I think that looks the best of all of the guesses as to what the car will look like. Spy photos of what are supposedly camouflaged C8 prototypes has led to renderings that look like this:

From comes the photo above.

The first Corvette was revealed at what has become a legendary event in GM history, the Motorama of 1953. That event was held in New York in January. (The GM Motorama was actually held from 1949 to 1961, but the 1953 show introduced the Corvette as well as other famous GM cars like the Buick Wildcat concept car whose name was used for later production models.) The modern New York Auto Show is held in April. Could GM/Chevrolet be waiting until then to reveal the C8 Corvette? Do you think Chevrolet risks turning the car into a joke because of the delay in the introduction?


For some reason Hemmings refuses to publish my comments on how obesity is, in my opinion, the primary culprit in the extinction of the American car. I simply write that 70% of American adults are overweight and cannot get in and out of cars easily so that have moved to SUVs and pickup trucks. I don’t think that’s especially inflammatory, but apparently their editors do. Well, I can write that here and have on many occasions. What do you think?