Savoy Museum Monday

The Savoy Automobile Museum is a recently opened venue in Cartersville, Georgia. I wish I could remember the specific show, but one of the car shows I watch featured this museum while it was still under construction.

My long time friend, Ed C, sent me photos from his recent visit to Savoy. He sent me more pics than I prefer to publish in any one post, so I’ll have to pick my favorites. I hope you enjoy them.



I find it interesting that the cars shown in most museums don’t bear much resemblance to those sold at major auctions. I also think that Scottsdale, Arizona needs to have a world-class automobile museum, almost certainly with the involvement of Barrett-Jackson, which is headquartered there. My 2ยข.

In the idiom that a picture is worth a thousand words–and because I know you don’t actually want to read a thousand words (not that I haven’t written that many at times)–I have not commented on the pics. Thanks to Ed C for taking and for sending me these photos.





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