Sunday Supplement

I cannot comprehend how anyone can support the “Palestinians” after reading the truth about them. Oh, actually I can; it’s called hateful, ignorant anti-Semitism.



The fountain in Fountain Hills, Arizona, driven by three 600 horsepower turbine pumps, sprays water at a rate of 7,000 gallons per minute through an 18-inch nozzle. With all three pumps under ideal conditions, the fountain reaches 560 feet in height, though in normal operation only two of the pumps are used, with a fountain height of about 300 feet. When built it was the world’s tallest fountain, a record it held for over a decade.

Although we only saw it run for about three minutes, we were finally successful in seeing it in operation. We had driven to Fountain Hills a couple of times previously and arrived during its scheduled time of operation, but it was not in service. By the way, almost no one else was watching the fountain when we were there yesterday.

We came very close to buying a home in Fountain Hills. I think it’s very likely the house we did buy has appreciated more rapidly than the one we didn’t. Of course, unless we’re going to downsize and move to a place where the real estate market isn’t as hot, then the increase in our house’s value, and our equity, is not really relevant.


The WordPress editor is, once again, acting up today. Among other things, that makes it difficult to format text and to add media–like pictures–the longer the post gets. I have quite a few photos I would like to share, but will have to save many of them for a day when the editor is more cooperative.



My wonderful wife and I attended the Pavilions auto show yesterday and, once again, it was sparsely attended. Perhaps it was the light, intermittent rain or the fact that many of the “snowbirds” have left the area. Maybe it’s because the word isn’t out that the show has resumed.

Anyway…this is a restomod 1954 Hudson Metropolitan. The car was basically hand-built by its owner. It has a supercharged small-block Chevy engine and a 700 R4 automatic transmission.



This is a 1967 AMC Ambassador. Of course, I always enjoy seeing cars from defunct American makes.



Did I mention that the house we almost bought in Fountain Hills had a 360° view of mountains? We have a nice view now, but it’s not 360°. Oh well…








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