Remember This Day Always

Of course, on December 7, 1941 the Japanese Navy launched an attack on the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. About 2,400 Americans were killed and another 1,200 were wounded.

As temporal arrogance reaches beyond epidemic proportions, the day “that will live in infamy” will, I’m afraid, become the day that fades from memory. Very few people are alive today who remember the attack. It is up to all of us to remember this day, always.


After Pearl Harbor: How was America's role in the world shaped by the attack? |

USS Arizona Memorial - Pearl Harbor National Memorial






The Greatest Generation

“This” generation is more technologically advanced than the one that fought World War II, but in most other ways is less advanced. I would call today’s “mainstream” generation the “Self-Entitled Generation.”

Of course, today marks the 80th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. By the way, did you know that less than half of Americans living today know which countries the US fought in World War II?

With the passage of eight decades, very few people are alive today who were alive at the time of Pearl Harbor. I’m sure none of them could have foreseen the emergence of Japan as a key ally of the United States. For the nth plus nth time, history is replete with examples of the folly of human beings trying to predict the future.

A picture of the USS Arizona Memorial:


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I will try to post the “I” car in Cars A To Z before my wonderful wife’s surgery on Friday. As one can imagine, not too many choices exist for automobile makes beginning with the letter “I.” Of course, “I” is a better letter than “Q” or “Z.”

Isotta-Fraschini will not be the “I” car, but was a part of what is, so far, the only Concours d’Elegance my wonderful wife and I have ever attended, the Elegance at Hershey. The car named Best in Show in 2019 was this beautiful 1933 Isotta-Fraschini Tipo 8A:


Post Image


I know very little about the make other than what I can read in the Wikipedia article about the car. The original Tipo 8, introduced in 1919, was the first production automobile with a straight 8-cylinder engine. Of course, Cadillac had introduced a V-8 engine in 1914, the first company to mass-produce such a motor. In 1917, decades before the introduction of the legendary Chevy small-block V-8, Chevrolet began manufacturing a V-8 for its Model D that even had overhead valves like a modern engine. But I digress…

Isotta-Fraschini, like many European makes such as Delahaye, could not recover from World War II and stopped manufacturing cars in 1949. Unlike the US, where life returned to normal not long after the war, life in Europe remained disrupted for years.


Please take note of this day…








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Monday Musings 60

It will probably be a short post today as ever since lunch yesterday, my GI tract has been extremely upset. Hope the wild mushrooms in my pasta dish were not too wild.


If you don’t know that on this day in 1941 Japan attacked the US Naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, then you must have flunked history class…several times. Father Time is undefeated and soon no survivors of the attack or among those who served in World War II will remain. Many others are far more qualified than I to discuss details of the attack. Suffice to say that Japan awakened a “Sleeping Giant” and, as a result, sowed the seeds for its eventual defeat in the war. Japanese Admiral Hara Tadaichi remarked, “We won a great tactical victory at Pearl Harbor and thereby lost the war.”

I have never been to Hawaii; from our new “home” airport it’s about a 7-hour flight to Honolulu, nonstop, which is at my limit for length of flight before I want to get a parachute and jump. Maybe we will visit Pearl Harbor someday, but that trip is far from a certainty. That I may never visit is, of course, no affront to the brave people who served there.


So, recent model convertibles with four seats and a decent-sized trunk are not common, especially if one only wishes to spend a modest amount. Even at a higher than modest amount, such cars are not readily available. I understand as convertibles are not often viewed or used as “practical” cars.

Obviously, we don’t have to buy a convertible, but we are not buying a sedan or SUV. Life is too much of a compromise already or, as I used to say all the time, life is too short to be unhappy on purpose. The Cascada looks better to us every day.


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