Munday Mosings

I wasn’t going to post today, in no small way due to the fact about which I am going to write. Yesterday saw fewer views on a day with a post than on many days without. Sorry, but that bothers me.


Here is some news:

Etxe bat erosteko eskaintza egin genuen.


On this day in 1945 Robert H. Jackson, United States Supreme Court Justice and US Chief prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials under an international military tribunal, gave the opening speech for the prosecution at Nuremberg. From Jackson’s perspective, the purpose of the trial was not just to convict the defendants but also to assemble irrefutable evidence of Nazi crimes, establish individual responsibility and the crime of aggression in international law, offer a history lesson to the defeated Germans, de-legitimize the traditional German elite and allow the Allies to distance themselves from appeasement. Jackson maintained that while the United States did “not seek to convict the whole German people of crime”, neither did the trial “serve to absolve the whole German people except 21 men in the dock.”

Recently, the FBI reported that crimes against Jews in the US have risen fourfold in the last decade. The Holocaust did not begin with bullets and gas chambers, it began with words and hate. I think the beginning of another Holocaust is in the making.


From Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated: “CFP [College Football Playoff] presidents do not plan to guarantee the Rose Bowl an exclusive January 1st window in future playoffs, giving the bowl a deadline to make its decision on early expansion.” Early expansion refers to increasing the playoff field from 4 teams to 12 before 2026.

I think those who govern the Rose Bowl need an operation to have their heads removed from their rectums. The Rose Bowl is NOT bigger than college football. They have continued to insist that their game be played at 2 PM Pacific Time on January 1st regardless of what else is happening with the CFP. Basically, the Rose Bowl “issue” is the last thing to be resolved before early expansion becomes likely.


A cousin of the Kia Stinger, the Genesis G90, has recently been named the 2023 Motor Trend Car of the Year. I don’t know if this link will break, but here is a picture of the G90 from the Motor Trend article.


2023 genesis g90 07


The first paragraph of the piece contains the following:


“Cars are becoming a niche commodity. Once the dominant form of family transportation, the “car” as we once knew it now toes the endangered segment list…And as cars get rarer, they’re also becoming rarified. The few remaining producers of mainstream econoboxes, compacts, and midsize sedans fielded no newcomers this year. In their place was a roster of mostly sporty or luxurious contestants.”


I see an irony in the fact that while pure electric cars are still primarily the plaything of wealthy urban dwellers, particularly in the US, some with money still want performance and luxury from an “old-fashioned” car. (The G90 is about $100,000.) My tweet to General Motors tells you everything you need to know about where I stand, as if you didn’t already know.







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