Notes For A Sunday

First…a wonderful Happy Birthday to my (i)ncomparable niece! She graced us with her presence yesterday. We have not been able to see her very often because of the damn virus; she lives in New York City.

We went to a local restaurant for lunch, although I actually ate breakfast. That was the first time I have eaten inside a restaurant in the area in which we live since early March. The last time I ate inside a restaurant anywhere was in mid-March during our trip to Arizona. Dining in was not a comfortable experience for me yesterday.


Here are some notes of a different kind:


The Mecum “Spring” Classic auction began on Friday, about two months after it was originally scheduled. The first NBCSN telecast from the auction was yesterday. To be honest, the energy seemed “off” for the first 15-20 minutes, but then the broadcast hit its stride. I commend everyone involved for wearing face protection. Dana Mecum, among others, actually wore a clear plastic face shield instead of a mask. My wonderful wife and I quickly ordered two face shields for ourselves.

Reminiscing about our March trip to Arizona to attend the Mecum auction, here is a picture of a beautiful car offered there.



This is a 1956 Lincoln Premiere convertible. The body style reminds me of a Packard 400 or Caribbean from the same period. The Premiere convertible was Lincoln’s most expensive offering for 1956 at $4,747, remembering that, technically, the Mark II was a Continental and not a Lincoln. Only 2,447 of these were built for 1956. This car sold for $33,000 all in at the March auction.

Some of the homes we’ve “liked” during our online search in the desert have an RV gate and an ample side yard, usually consisting of a gravel surface, presumably for parking an RV. No rule says that “RV” couldn’t be a car like this Lincoln. Because of the arid climate, cars don’t rust away. However, to prevent the sun from destroying the interior, the car should be covered. Anyway…that’s all speculation; one must crawl before they walk and walk before they run.


I have an odd request, but consider the source. If you’re reading this after a search engine led you to Disaffected Musings, can you share with me the search term you used? You can comment or use the Contact form. I appreciate the desire to respect the privacy of those using the Internet by privatizing search terms, but I am very curious about what terms lead to this blog. Yesterday saw a healthy number of views/visitors, powered by a lot of referrals from search engines.








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