Freeform Friday

Hope all of you that celebrated the day had a very Happy Thanksgiving.


From this Corvette Blogger piece comes the data on final 2020 Corvette production. Oh, please feel free to click on the blue hyperlink as I only link to secure sites whose URLs begin with https.

The fact that the data is available obviously means that 2020 production has ended and 2021 production has begun. I hope “Professor” John Kraman has received his new 2020 Corvette.

The final production figure was 20,368 2020 Corvettes, about half of the expected total before the damn virus and UAW strike. Coupes were 82.4% of the cars built meaning that convertibles were 17.6%. The Z51 performance package was very popular as 76.0% of 2020 Corvettes were equipped with it.

Torch Red was the most popular color at 25.2% with Arctic White second at 15.2%. My favorite color, Sebring Orange, was fourth at 6.8%. From the famous Corvette Mike, a picture of a 2020 Corvette in Sebring Orange:


See the source image


I hope Chevrolet/GM can sell 40,000+ 2021 Corvettes. The car does seem to be very popular so the hand-wringing by “purists” (otherwise known as sticks in the mud) over the change to a mid-engine layout seems to have been much ado about nothing. (Sorry, Mr. Shakespeare.)


If I have interpreted and extrapolated from this chart correctly, then the air pressure at our home in the desert is 6.7% less than it was at our previous home. I guess that means for a given volume of “air” there’s actually 6.7% “less” air.

I have been struggling with my running on the treadmill since the move. (Yes, I was able to get it fixed by an excellent electrician who jerry-rigged a connection.) David Banner (not his real name), a former physician, replied to a text that the change in altitude/air pressure can certainly affect exercise. No one has been able to tell me when or if my body will adjust.

I had never had any difficulty running 30-40 minutes or even longer, but in my last workout I ran out of gas at about 26 minutes, pushed myself to 27 and then had to spend 10 minutes on the floor catching my breath. My wonderful wife and I have been here about four weeks. I hope my body will adjust and soon. By the way, although it wasn’t the same calendar day, we met on the day after Thanksgiving 23 years ago. Happy Anniversary, V Squared!


Our Simplisafe security system seems to be working just fine with one exception: one of the motion sensors won’t stay on the wall. The flat part at the back of the sensor doesn’t fit into the wall corner so the two adhesive strips are not adhering to anything. Here are some pictures:



We think the sensor has to be perpendicular to the corner (if that makes sense) so the beam covers the most area. The other motion sensors in the house are mounted that way and, at least so far, they’re still on the wall. I know the textured surface is somewhat of an issue.

Anyway, any suggestions will be appreciated. I have ordered what is supposed to be “super sticky” double-sided tape and it will be delivered this weekend.

Have a great weekend.







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