Wednesday Weirdo

Yes, it is Wednesday and I am a weirdo. To wit, this strange dream: I was driving along–destination unknown–and, apparently, in a convertible. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of green. The next thing I knew I saw lots of money just floating in the air. Some of it floated into my car. Imagine my disappointment when I realized it was only two dollars.

Then, the person who was (apparently) responsible for tossing this money pulled up very close to me–remember, we’re driving–and handed me two more dollars. I thanked him, but then forcefully told him to get away from my car before he hit it.

What would have been wilder is if the total amount I received in the dream had been six dollars. Why? After I woke up I checked my Mega Millions ticket and we won $6.

I think sharing dreams in this blog helps me to remember them better, at least long enough to write about them here. One of the few really good dreams I can remember still didn’t start out that way. I dreamt I was worried about money, about how I would pay my bills. Then, I said to myself in the dream, “What are you worried about? You have four million dollars in the bank.” The feeling of joy and relief was amazing. Oh, this dream was decades ago, long before I had anywhere near the assets that I have today, which is not to say I have four million dollars.

As for the exact amount I think I must have just watched the movie Twins. At the end, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character says to Danny DeVito’s character, “Don’t you feel better about returning the money?” The reply, “Oh, you mean the four million dollars. Yeah, it feels good to be one of the good guys.” Of course, the amount in question was actually five million, so the implication is that DeVito’s character took a million for himself.

A financial services company (Thrivent?) used to have commercials in which the announcer said, “We think money should be a tool, not a goal.” Of course, the more money you have, the bigger the hammer. All kidding aside, and as I have written before, I think it’s good to be careful with your money, but it’s OK to splurge every now and then if you can afford it. You can’t take it with you.


In Ultimate Garage 2.0, which I revealed almost two years ago (!), a Jaguar F-Type coupe was one of the cars. In a sign of my growing affinity for convertibles, if Ultimate Garage 3.0 is ever shown, then this car might be a part of it instead and might be something on which I would splurge if I had the opportunity:


See the source image


From an unsecured site ( a picture of a Jaguar F-Type convertible. I think the rear end of that car just looks amazing and looks much better than the rear end of the coupe. I am hardly objective, but the F-Type convertible and the C7 Corvette convertible might be the two best-looking ragtops ever made, unless you count the C2 Corvette convertible with the auxiliary hardtop in place.

Happy Dreams!







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