Tuesday Truth

“We’re churning out a generation of poorly educated people with no skill, no ambition, no guidance, and no realistic expectations of what it means to go to work.”

– Mike Rowe

Truer words have never been spoken. Here is the link to the Mike Rowe Works Foundation.


As I have recounted ad nauseum, I am not blessed with good health. I have chronic conditions for which I must take prescription medications every day. I also have other conditions that flare up from time to time and that also must be treated with prescription medications.

I am currently suffering from one of the latter conditions. I spoke with someone in the office of the relevant health care provider yesterday morning and was told a prescription would be sent to the nearest pharmacy. I am still waiting for my script.

This condition almost proved fatal in 2004. I had surgery, ultimately unsuccessful, in an attempt to remedy the situation in 2013. I suspect allergies and stress as a trigger for the relapse, but the prescription meds have always worked. They can’t work, though, if I can’t take them because the practitioner neglected to send the script to the pharmacy.

I know almost everyone is very stressed right now, but people should still do their jobs.


Mundua gorroto dut eta sentimendua elkarrekikoa da.


From a reply to a comment by markcars2014:


Although I used to change the oil and lube the fittings on my first car—a 1967 GTO, my father was also a mechanic and ran an Amoco station—my interest has always been more in design, engine output and market evolution.

When I was in college I used to dream of starting my own car company. I would “make up” specs and write ad copy. As I lack any artistic talent I didn’t draw any cars. I am getting a little misty-eyed thinking of my younger days when almost anything seemed possible. Youth IS really wasted on the young.


Oh, you should read the comments…one of the reasons I so badly want to move to a new area is the slight possibility the move could open some doors for me to have a more productive and more fulfilling life. Remember that I wrote a book The Wall Street Journal called without a doubt the best book of its kind ever written. The fact that this country is drowning in credential-ism, political correctness and age discrimination doesn’t change the fact that I have a lot to offer.


OK, something calming and wonderful…


See the source image


From The Drive a picture of the new Lexus LC Convertible. The coupe is stunning and so is this convertible.

The convertible is powered by the same 5-liter, naturally aspirated V-8 used in the non-hybrid version of the coupe and uses the same 10-speed automatic transmission. The engine produces 471 HP/398 LB-FT of torque and that enables the convertible to accelerate from 0-60 MPH in 4.6 seconds. The MSRP for the base version is $101,000.

I guess the twin-turbo V-8 that had been rumored will not be produced, but this convertible is something else, in my opinion.

I know David Banner (not his real name) is a big fan of this car. What about the rest of you?







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