What Do You See?

Ed: Was he killed in the fall?

Fred: No, it was the sudden stop when he hit the ground.


Other than my two “silly” posts on Friday the 13th, I have not posted for quite some time. My wonderful wife and I were away for much of that period, but not all of it.

I am struggling with an internal debate about this blog. I am considering a change in format, a change in content, a change in frequency or some combination of all of the above. Einstein is supposed to have said that insanity is repeating the same action over and over, but expecting a different result.


We attended the recent Mecum auction in Indianapolis. Here is a picture from the event. What do you see?



Yes, it’s the front of a C6 Corvette ZR1. It’s also a picture of an extraordinarily beautiful young woman who was discussed every day, even the two days when she was not there.

Mecum hires a group of young women (for the most part) who take a contract to the winning bidder to sign after each lot. The young woman standing in front of the red State Farm sign was among that group for most of the auction.

I watch all of the Mecum auctions on TV when I am not attending. I had never seen this woman before. Believe me, I would have noticed her. My wonderful wife even noticed her. I think her name is Rachel although I am not 100% certain. Another photo:



I am an old, very happily married man. As I wrote here, though, I still notice women. I suspect I have that in common with 99% of straight men.


So, how many pictures do you want to see? I always make a vow to take fewer pictures at these events and quickly break that vow.

I also have no idea how to present the photos I do take, including how much description I should write. Anyway, here are a few pics:



This is a 2004 Cadillac XLR, offered early on the last day, that I considered purchasing. Heeding the word of our friend Bob, a former mechanic for General Motors and Jaguar, I looked under the car and, sure enough, saw three fresh oil leaks. Those leaks and the model year put an end to my desire to bid on the car. The rest of the XLR didn’t look bad although the interior was a bit tired. Supposedly, the car had 44,000 miles.

With my Z06 still in the shop–yes, it’s now been there more than five weeks–I just am not in the right frame of mind to buy another car that might come with its own set of headaches. Maybe the oil leaks were just an excuse not to bid.

In all honesty, while the Mecum auctions have better dockets than those from Barrett-Jackson (in my opinion), even with an unlimited budget I would not have bid on that many cars. As much as I love Corvettes, I don’t think I want to see 400 Corvettes (my estimate; update: my estimate was off, the actual number of Corvettes was 297) in one auction. I sure as hell do not want to buy C10 pickup trucks or Broncos, of which there were quite a few.



This is a 1961 Buick Electra 225 convertible. This one sold, all in, for $33,000. (Oh…the ’04 XLR sold all in for $26,400.) A white ’61 Electra 225 convertible sold all in for $44,000.



During one of my many walks through the staging lanes, I couldn’t help but notice this 1966 Lotus Elan. The color, size and shape of the car made it stand out to me. It sold, all in, for $31,900.



This is a 1942 Lincoln Continental convertible, of which only 136 were made. The car sold new for $3,000; this one went unsold at a high bid of $95,000.


I welcome thoughtful comments and any suggestions you might have about this blog. Thanks.








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Monday Musings 66

Sorry, anti-vaxxers, but the vaccines work. Yesterday, Israel–which has fully vaccinated 81% of its over-16 population–lifted its mask mandates. Vaccine hesitancy is nothing more than a manifestation of ignorance. I’ll show this tweet from @DocBastard again:


-You do not know The Truth.

-You have not discovered things Doctors Don’t Tell You.

-You have not done research.

-You are not better than everyone else.

-You are not holistic.

-You are not special.

-You are not “woke.”


What you are is wrong.



I wanted to write about an amazing Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk restomod being offered at the upcoming Mecum auction in Indianapolis. Of course, Mecum does not allow online pictures of current or recent lots to be captured, at least not in any way that I can figure out.

I searched for an analogue for the car, but could not find one that looked as good as the one in the Mecum photos and in Black over Red. Here is the link to the auction listing. Here is a picture of the best comp I could find although not in the proper colors:



Yep, that’s my model. Yep, right now I have GT Hawk on the brain. Can you say OCD?! In all seriousness, from the description the Mecum lot reads like the “perfect” car for me at this moment, but will probably hammer for way more than I would have considered spending, even if our three-car garage weren’t already full. As far as I can tell, the car is being sold with a reserve.


OK, this is a picture of my car:



What do you think of these C7 ZR1 wheels as a replacement?



OK, now I’m just looking for things to do to my car. Still, I really like these wheels more than the current ones and they would fit my Z06. Besides, by the time I’m done with mods later this year my car’s engine will have more HP and torque than a stock ZR1. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.










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