Spiritless Saturday

I suspect that I am unlike many people who want any signs of normal to return in that I have almost no enthusiasm for the upcoming NFL season. I have not been this apathetic about the NFL since 1984, the first season the Colts called a city other than Baltimore their home. I have not watched the NFL Network in months nor do I read football websites anywhere near as frequently as I used to.

I believe that, perhaps, the “virus” has accelerated a change in my attitude that had been occurring, anyway. As I grow older I become more focused on the activities of the people in my life who are important. Why I should care about what some strangers are doing just because they’re wearing a particular uniform? After we move, do I have to follow another set of strangers?

My different attitude about the NFL in particular and sports in general is genuine. Many people I know still cannot understand and, frankly, don’t believe me when I say I haven’t followed baseball in almost a decade or that I don’t really care about the 2020 NFL season. Why would I lie about my feelings about sports?

I haven’t followed the NBA since the early 1980s. One day in the late ’80s a friend asked me if I had watched some basketball game on TV. When I told him that I hadn’t because I wasn’t following the NBA at all he said, “I bet you watch games with Michael Jordan.” When I said I didn’t he accused me of lying.

I am no longer friends with this person, in large part due to his narrow-mindedness. I rail about this quite frequently, both in this blog and in my life, but why do the majority of people think that everyone else thinks like they do or, worse, should think like they do?

NO ONE has a monopoly on truth and wisdom. NO ONE has a monopoly on good judgment or good taste. Whatever happened to “Live And Let Live?”

“There are more things in heaven and earth…than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

– Shakespeare


On this day in 1902 the Cadillac Automobile Company was founded. At its birth, Cadillac was not a part of General Motors; GM was not founded until 1908.

Ironically, the company was formed from the remnants of the Henry Ford Company. Ford was a most disagreeable person and after a dispute between him and his investors, including Lemuel Bowen and William Murphy, he left the company along with some of his “associates.”

Henry Leland of Leland & Faulconer Manufacturing Company persuaded Bowen and Murphy to stay in the automobile business using Leland’s engine. A former Henry Ford Company factory was used as the Cadillac factory.

The company was named after Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, a French explorer who founded Fort Pontchartrain du Detroit in 1701, which became the city of Detroit. de la Mothe, born Antoine Laumet, adopted the “Cadillac” part of his name in honor of the town of Cadillac in southwestern France.

I know I have been writing about Cadillac quite frequently as of late. I think the fact that the company seems to have lost its way is sad. Of course, being lost is at least partly due to the stumbles of Cadillac and of General Motors.

If money were no object, then I think I would try to acquire this Cadillac: the 1957-58 Eldorado Brougham, of which only 704 were made. (Picture from supercars.net):


See the source image


While we will not be acquiring a car like this after we move, barring a lottery win, a Cadillac of more recent vintage might very well be an addition to our 3-car or, hopefully, 4-car garage. You’ve seen this car in Disaffected Musings many times, so one more time won’t hurt.


See the source image


From Classic Cars a picture of a 2000 Cadillac Eldorado. As recounted ad nauseam, I think these cars are stylish and will function well in the role of grocery car and occasional “taxi.”

If the day comes when I lose my interest in cars, I think I will be in trouble.








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Saturday Sojourn

When you read one or two posts on Disaffected Musings that could be considered a sojourn, which is a temporary stay. Each post should take about 3-7 minutes to read. A day consists of 1,440 minutes. I’m not asking for a big chunk of your day.


Following up the beginning of yesterday’s post…I am not a big fan of people who project their lives onto everyone else and who assume that they know what’s best for everyone else, or at least everyone else they know. Many people don’t even seem to know what’s best for themselves. No one has a monopoly on truth and wisdom; no one has a monopoly on good taste or good judgment. Sorry, but time for the Waylon Jennings story again…


I accompanied my wonderful wife to her company Christmas party more than once. One time I was introduced to someone whom I think was the spouse of one of my wife’s co-workers. Here is the conversation (I apologize to those who have read/heard this story before):

Me: Hello.

Person: Do you like country music?

Me: No (in a very flat, non-confrontational tone).

Person: But you like Waylon Jennings, right?

Me: No.

The person turned around and walked away. I’m sorry, but how clueless must a person be to assume that everyone shares an affinity for a particular musician. Once again, a person assumed that their opinion was absolute truth. Why are so many people like that?


Don’t the stoners know that 4/20, the day to “celebrate” smoking pot, was Adolf Hitler’s birthday?! Talk about clueless…


OK, still can’t seem to get a poll to work here through PollDaddy. What I want to know from you is how many cars should be in my Ultimate Garage?


Fewer than 5



More than 10


I am still hoping that more of you will submit yours. I mean this is still basically a car blog and what’s better for a car blog than for people to write about their dream cars. Dream cars, you say?


See the source image


From honestjohn.co.uk a picture of a Jaguar F-Type convertible. At this point I no longer remember if I included one of these in my original Ultimate Garage for the blog hosted by the Evil Empire. Of course, I can no longer access that blog. WordPress allows a blogger to download their blog; I don’t recall a similar feature from Blogger/Google.

As I have written before I have somewhat of a heretical view in that I prefer the looks of the F-Type to those of the E-Type. Don’t get me wrong: I think the E-Type is gorgeous. It’s just that on most days I prefer the F-Type. What sayeth thee?

Hope you have enjoyed today’s sojourn at Disaffected Musings. Please come back and bring some friends.




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