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At the “risk” of jinxing this blog or ruining my karma…


When the blog reached a new monthly high in views in April of 2019, blog views for May of 2019 declined by almost 40% compared to the month before. So, what happened in May, 2020 after a new monthly high in views was set in April, 2020? You can probably guess by the post title that a better outcome occurred than in May of 2019.

May, 2020 set new all-time records for monthly views, visitors and comments. Views for May were 30 percent higher than for the previous record month of April, 2020. The last week in May coincided with a WordPress week of Monday through Sunday and that week set a record for weekly views, blowing past a level I never thought I’d see on this blog.

Many thanks to the readers for propelling Disaffected Musings to new levels. Thanks to those who commented, like photobyjohnbo, C/2 and Dirty Dingus McGee, for commenting enough to break the old monthly comment “record” by 55 percent.

Once again, though, I will continue to “ask for the sale.” Please feel free to tell your friends about the blog and to pass along the URL (, please feel free to click on any (or all) of the related posts at the bottom of each post, please feel free to “Like” any post and to submit thoughtful comments, and please feel free to click on any ad in which you have genuine interest.

Obviously, the fact that far more people are home for a far greater proportion of their week is playing a role in the increase in blog traffic. I don’t think the old normal will ever happen again, but I have no idea how much of an adjustment back toward the previous status quo will occur and how long that will take. That uncertainty is similar to why I don’t use options as an investing strategy. The main reason why 80% of people who trade options lose money (a dirty little secret of the investing world) is that in order to really do well in an options investment one must be correct on the direction of movement of the price of a stock, the magnitude of that move and the timing of that move. Very few outsiders can get all three of those correct consistently.



That bumper sticker sums up my attitude about automobiles, obviously. Just as obviously, many–if not most–people have a different view. That’s OK, too.

Is the “need” for a non-boring car an attempt to establish uniqueness? In some way, most of us have a need to show we’re different from everyone else. As long as that need doesn’t become behavior by rote, then I think that’s OK. Being a knee-jerk contrarian, though, is no more profound or insightful than being a knee-jerk conformist, in my opinion. Besides, many people are knee-jerk contrarians so being one doesn’t make a person unique. By the way, the word “unique” doesn’t need nor should it be used with a modifying word. “Really unique” and “Super unique” are redundant. The first three letters of unique, “uni,” mean “one” as in the only one that possesses that quality. I know people use modifiers with “unique” and that usage has become “accepted.” That acceptance doesn’t mean strict correctness, though. The fact that people use “it’s” instead of “its” as a possessive pronoun is also widespread and also incorrect. I guess I am an old fogy grammarian.

From Bring A Trailer a picture of a car that, to me, is definitely NOT boring, a 1968 Maserati Ghibli 4.7 Coupe:


1968 Maserati Ghibli 4.7 Coupe


I think these cars are beautiful and are quite the performer. With about five hours left in the auction as I write this, the high bid is $114,500. If you have the means and the interest to acquire this car, then more power to you. It is not for me to tell other people how they can or should spend their money.

Thanks Again!







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