Last Sunday

Before I even write this post today and before this WordPress week ends at the close of this Sunday, Disaffected Musings has had more blog views and unique visitors this week than in any other week in its history. This month, which is not yet over, has had more unique visitors than any other month. (Thanks.)

Of course, many of the views/visitors came from people trying to find out why Cristy Lee was not on the Barrett-Jackson telecast that ended yesterday. I am a little surprised that so many of her “fans” didn’t realize that the Barrett-Jackson auctions were no longer televised on Motor Trend and that contractual arrangements probably prevented her from continuing, assuming that she even wanted to.

However, more views were of the main page of this blog than of Where Is Cristy Lee? so it’s possible other events also drove blog traffic. For more than a week before the Barrett-Jackson broadcast began, the number of views referred from search engines had increased dramatically. Maybe the news that Belly Biane (intentional misspelling) is probably leaving the Oakland A’s and baseball led people to search for “Moneyball Pioneer” and that led them to find this blog.


This is the last Sunday my wonderful wife and I will be living in this great house. In addition, this is the last Sunday I will post for awhile. I cannot say with certainty exactly how long.

My strong belief that nothing in life is all good or all bad, that everything is a trade-off is being reinforced by this move. I was very sad after leaving Wegmans for the last time. I have made a point to walk around the house and to take photos, some of which I will show on the blog after the move. I am not happy about many aspects of this change, such as leaving our wonderful neighbors. However, my wonderful wife graciously agreed to two major moves at my request so I cannot deny her wish to move to the desert.

I am hoping that a new venue is a fresh start for my life, which in many ways has become a rut. I hope that “post-virus” we will both find new friends at the numerous car events held in the desert, which has a car culture far beyond that of the mid-Atlantic.


I was originally going to title today’s post “Lexus A or Lexus B.” I can still proceed with that idea, though.

At the recently concluded Barrett-Jackson auction, one of these was offered and sold for $440,000 all in.



This picture is of the actual auction car and is, obviously, from Barrett-Jackson’s website. Oh, this is the amazing Lexus LFA. Jeremy Clarkson, famous co-host of Top Gear and The Grand Tour, said this is the best car he’s ever driven, or at least that’s what he said after he drove one for the first time.

The LFA had to be fitted with a digital tachometer because no analog tach could keep up with its amazing ability to rev. The LFA can rev from 0 to 9000 RPM in less than one second!

The LFA’s naturally aspirated 4.8 liter/293 cubic inch V-10 engine produces 553 HP/354 LB-FT of torque. In that way, it’s like a traditional Italian “supercar” engine in that the emphasis is on high RPM horsepower and not low-end torque. (Yes, I know the Lexus is Japanese in origin, not Italian.)

OK, the LFA is Lexus A; you can probably guess the identity of Lexus B.


See the source image


From a picture of a Lexus LC (500). The LC is more of a GT car than the LFA, which is more of a “pure” sports car.

At present, the LC is powered by a 5 liter/303 cubic inch V-8 with output of 471 HP/398 LB-FT of torque in its non-hybrid version. A twin-turbo V-8 of smaller displacement but more power has been rumored to be in development for this car, but those rumors have faded recently.

OK, which of these cars do you prefer? Neither is inexpensive although the LFA is in another league in terms of rarity and price than the LC. Which do I prefer? Believe me, if I could afford it I would have both. I think the LFA is a marvel of automotive engineering and it’s far from ugly. The LC is one of the most handsome cars I have ever seen. Remember that it has been named to both editions of my Ultimate Garage.

I look forward to reading your thoughts.









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Ultimate Garage 2.0: The Ninth Car

“O, what men dare do! What men may do! What men daily do, not knowing what they do.”

– Shakespeare


Reader and long-time friend Carl described yesterday’s car, the Jaguar F-Type, as “sex on wheels.” That phrase has also been used by reader and long-time friend David Banner (not his real name) to describe today’s car, the Lexus LC. You don’t really want to know what results from an Internet search for that phrase, but cars don’t seem to appear anywhere.

The LC was in the first Ultimate Garage that I posted on the blog hosted by the Evil Empire (aka Google). By the way, I did finally receive a settlement from the class action suit involving the Evil Empire and their deleting blogs to avoid paying ad earnings. Fack Fucebook has earned all of the bad press it has received, and then some, but the Evil Empire seems to have faded from view in terms of its wrongdoings.


See the source image


I took the top photo in January, 2018 (!) and the bottom picture is from Motor Trend. Obviously, I think the Lexus LC is a stunner. It’s also one of only two cars in Ultimate Garage 2.0 that I have actually driven.

The Lexus LC is powered by a 5-liter/303 cubic-inch V8 that produces 471 HP/398 LB-FT of torque. The only transmission available is a 10-speed automatic, which I think is overkill, but helps the car get better gas mileage for EPA testing. I wanted to write about the forced-induction version of the engine for this car (I keep reading about a twin-turbo motor that will pump out 600+ HP), but Ultimate Garage 2.0 is only about cars that have actually existed.

The car is luxuriously appointed, but is more of a Grand Tourer than true sports car. However, it’s not a slug although it’s, perhaps, a tad heavy for exquisite handling. However, it will accelerate from 0-60 MPH in 4.6 seconds, which is very quick.

As for value/price, the LC my wonderful wife and I drove stickered at $101,000, but the salesman offered $10,000 off without my even asking. The base MSRP of these cars is about $93,000. For the “official” Ultimate Garage 2.0 value I am going to use $95,000 because I am going to assume a car with some options, but also with a discount from MSRP.

Once again, I welcome thoughtful comments about this car, any car or any topic. It is doubtful I will post tomorrow as my wonderful wife and I have a busy day planned, weather permitting. Ultimate Garage 2.0 is almost finished, but not quite.








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Tuesday Trip

For me the best news of Super Bowl weekend was the election of Ed Reed to the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. Nobody besides me knew this before now, but Reed is my favorite Raven ever. I had the good fortune to watch almost every game he played in a Ravens uniform.

On the wristband that he wore in the 2011 AFC Championship game, Patriots’ QB Tom Brady had this written: “Find 20 [Ed Reed’s number] on every play.”

Here is praise from Bill Belichick as quoted in this article:

“One of the greatest plays I ever saw him make was against [Peyton] Manning,” Belichick says. “He lined up on the weak side of the formation, and on the snap of the ball, he turned and ran to the middle of the field like he was going to play in the middle of the field.”

“Reed knew that when he went to the middle of the field, Peyton would come back to the X [split end or weak-side wide receiver], so he ran to the middle of the field, and without even looking at the quarterback, turned and ran back over to the sideline and intercepted it.”

While Ray Lewis was a great player, his antics turned me off at times. I also disliked his incessant Bible quoting. In the same way I don’t like the mixing of politics and sports, I don’t like the mixing of religion and sports. Reed spoke much less and let his play speak for him.

Reed will never see this, but Congratulations! We will not see the likes of you again.

See the source image

From a picture of Reed holding the Lombardi Trophy after the Ravens defeated the 49ers in Super Bowl 47. (Sorry, I think the Roman Numeral thing is dumb.)


Have you heard about this? Jerry Seinfeld is being sued because a Porsche sold out of his collection at an auction is alleged to be fake. The lawsuit alleges that Seinfeld apologized and promised a full refund in a voicemail message, but the refund has never been made, which is why the suit was filed.

I don’t really believe in karma, but maybe a Jew shouldn’t be collecting Porsches no matter how rich and famous he is.


I haven’t forgotten about Ultimate Garage 2.0. As this blog is now in its second year of existence, the time for the reveal grows closer. I will not divulge the number, but if/when Disaffected Musings reaches a certain, consistent level of daily views I will probably begin the reveal.

In the meantime, please start thinking about your Ultimate Garage and feel free to send it to me in a comment. As for me, here’s a contender I have mentioned before:

A picture by yours truly of a Lexus LC. I think it is an amazingly beautiful car and I have had the good fortune of driving it.




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