Just Like That

When I woke up at 4:30 this morning one of the first things I did was to check the NFL section of ESPN’s website. I learned that, in a move that had not specifically been rumored, the Chicago Bears traded the first overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for multiple draft picks and star wide receiver DJ Moore.

I think the timing of this move is unusual, these trades usually happen closer to the draft which is not until late April, and just like that we know the Bears are committing to Justin Fields (drafted in the first round two years ago) as their quarterback and that the Panthers are out of the running for Lamar Jackson. Surely, the Panthers, who have been desperately looking for a franchise quarterback for years, made this trade in order to select the quarterback they like most in the upcoming draft. As crazy as this sounds, they might not even be sure who that is at this particular moment, but are sure they can draft him when they decide.

In his “Winners and Losers” piece regarding this trade, ESPN’s Bill Barnwell listed Lamar Jackson as a winner under the premise that a team that wants to sign him can now wait until after the draft and, as a consequence, would potentially have to give its first-round picks from 2024 and 2025 to the Ravens, not 2023 and 2024 like they would have if they signed him before the draft. (How’s that for 60+ word, run-on sentence?!)

To me, Jackson is not helped by this trade as it removes a potential suitor from the market. Add that to the Miami Dolphins’ decision to exercise the fifth-year option for starting quarterback Tua Tagavailoa and Jackson has lost two rumored potential destinations.

While I am nominally a Ravens fan, I am not disturbed by the prospect of Jackson playing for another team. In the same way, even though I have been a Packers fan since I was 12, I hope that Aaron Rodgers is playing for someone else next season. Both players now come with a lot of baggage.


In Wandering Aimlessly, yesterday’s post, I wrote the following regarding a piece by Hagerty, “I think the article would also be worth reading to those of you with an interest in automobiles. I don’t know how much I fit in that category, anymore.” No, I do not like to quote myself and seldom do it, as regular readers can attest.

Dirty Dingus McGee commented (all of you should regularly read the comments, which now number almost 8,000 in the history of this blog), “I hate to hear that your interest has waned.” I replied that I used to love baseball, that I persevered against overwhelming odds to forge a 20+ year career in it, but no longer have any interest in the sport.

I am reluctant to write the remark about the constancy of change, but it’s true. People who hide their heads in the sand hoping to avoid change are clueless, in my opinion.


I am biased, of course, but the bathroom across the hallway from my office is the nicest non-master bath I have ever seen.



As we are under instructions from our plumber not to use the shower in the master bath until Sunday (long story), I had to use this bathroom to take a shower after my workout yesterday. It was a mahchayeh, a Hebrew/Yiddish word for oasis, I believe.

I also seriously doubt that this is the same bathroom that was original to our house, which was built in 2006. With the bill for upgrades and repairs piling up, this discovery was most welcome.






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