Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, V Squared! From the dedication of one of my books: you are my love, my life, my angel, my salvation.

This is my wonderful wife’s 2015 Corvette, photographed on the day of purchase. For many years, I owned Corvettes and my wife owned convertibles. Now, the opposite is true as I have a BMW Z4 (which regular readers know all about). Here is a car like one of the convertibles my wife used to own:

A picture of a Jaguar XK-8 (a 2000 model, I believe, although it’s very difficult to tell what year an XK-8 was built) that I took at a Barrett-Jackson auction. I like to arrive at the auction site a day or two early so we can go to the garage where the cars are kept and have an unencumbered look at them. In all honesty, that might be my favorite part of attending these events.

Despite her love for convertibles I am fairly certain that my wife considers the Corvette to be the best car she has ever owned. The C7 is an amazing vehicle. Why didn’t she buy a Corvette convertible? I think it’s my aversion to soft top convertibles. As the child of Holocaust survivors I always imagine the worst thing that can happen and my imagination goes to someone cutting through the soft top with a knife. (I don’t really know how easy that might be.) Two of the three convertibles my wife has owned were hardtops.

Please feel free to post about your favorite cars and car memories. Be well.