Elegance At Hershey; Iso Grifo!

Either I really love cars or I am really messed up. Of course, it’s probably both.

Below are four photos of a car that, once again, literally brought me to tears. This car was not part of the Elegance at Hershey 2019 per se, but was shown at the Cars and Coffee event the day before. It is shown here as one of the 11 cars in my recently unveiled Ultimate Garage 2.0. Here is a beautiful small block Iso Grifo:



My wonderful wife and I met someone who had a car in the Elegance; Dr. Chris (first name) brought his big-block Iso Grifo. I don’t think I had ever seen one in person before and then I saw two in two days. Remember that only 412 Iso Grifos were produced.

We had a great time at the Elegance and I can write that our experience exceeded our expectations. I was disappointed when a beautiful 1934 Packard finished second in the judges voting for Best of Show, but eight Packards were among the 75 cars. As has been our experience, people at this car event were, almost without exception, friendly and polite. I find more camaraderie among strangers at car events than among co-workers at every place I’ve worked and that includes major league baseball teams with the exception of one of my consulting clients.

I will show more pictures and write more about Hershey in the coming days.






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Peace, Please

As this is a day celebrated by many…

I fervently wish for a calmer, quieter and more peaceful future.

All of this is my opinion, my 2ยข:

I think much of the dissonance in the world is due to arrogance and to narcissism. It is fine to believe strongly in something; it is not fine to automatically assign the label of “evil” to someone who disagrees with you. No one has a monopoly on truth, wisdom, good taste, or good judgment. As Shakespeare wrote, “There are more things in heaven and earth…than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”



From carsaddiction.com the picture of the De Tomaso Longchamp that appears on the “About” page on Disaffected Musings.


From me, I think, a picture of an Iso Grifo.



From automotiveviews.wordpress.com a picture of a Facel Vega.


These are three of my all-time favorite cars and they are all “original” hybrids. For not the first time I will explain that in this context a “hybrid” is a car with European looks and perhaps suspension/chassis, but with an American engine, at least, and maybe an entire American drivetrain.

If you have been reading Disaffected Musings for a long time then you know that the Longchamp is one of my absolute two favorite cars ever with the other being the C2 Corvette. On an unlimited budget I would probably acquire all three of these cars. One can always hope, I guess.





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Strange Cousins

See the source image

Photo from ruelspot.com

Photo from me, I think. These two cars are related. Some of you reading may know that, but the difference in the cars is quite striking.

The top car is the Isetta microcar, also known as the “egg” and the “bubblecar.” The bottom car is the fearsome and beautiful Iso Grifo, an automobile with a Giugaro-designed body and a C2 Corvette drive train. Italian company Iso Autoveicoli designed both cars. The Isetta, whose name means “little Iso,” was built under license in many countries besides Italy.

The Grifo is my kind of hybrid; as noted, it has Italian styling and an American drive train. While I don’t think any cars of this idiom were huge sellers, some of them are amazing creations. This Grifo, the one without the disgusting hood bulge to accommodate a big-block Chevy engine, is one of my all-time favorite cars. In my last blog, it just missed the cut for my Ultimate Garage. If I repeat the exercise for this blog, who knows how this car might fare?

Hemmings doesn’t have any Iso Grifos listed for sale at the moment and Classic Driver has three listed for sale in Europe, but the prices are P.O.R., price on request. At an RM Sotheby’s auction in London in 2016, an absolute wreck of a Grifo—I am not exaggerating—sold for 129,000 pounds or about $172,000 at the exchange rate of the day. A good example of a Grifo would be out of my price range, which might keep it out of the next iteration of my Ultimate Garage.

I would very much like to read about your favorite cars of all time. Please feel free to post their identities in the comments.


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