I Passed Up A Car Show Today

No, I am not running a fever. Maybe it’s because of the sunburn I suffered last week or because my wonderful wife would not have accompanied me. Maybe it’s because too many people are not wearing masks. In any event, I decided against attending a local monthly car gathering.

The event is sponsored by a company that builds custom garages for those who need more space for their cars than that afforded by their home garage. Maybe I didn’t go because I didn’t want to be tempted by that company. 🙂

Perhaps by next month, when the percentage of people vaccinated will be even higher, I will attend the show. In this county, well over half of the people age 55 and over have received at least one shot. Actually, in this county that stat means more than in most other places as the median age for most of the zip codes around here is in the mid-50s. The median age for the US as a whole is about 38.

Of course, most people attending these gatherings are older as it usually takes time to build the resources to have a nice car or two that one would take to such an event. Before we moved here, I thought that we would make many of our new friends among the car community. Perhaps we still will.


I had to show this photo taken just a few days ago at around sunrise:



Here are some more pictures from last weekend’s GoodGuys event at Westworld in Scottsdale:



I was quite taken with this car even if I was slightly disappointed it wasn’t a Chrysler 300B; the front clip for the 300B was “taken” from the Imperial. I have come to be enamored of green as a primary exterior color.



I have been a fan of the Sunbeam Tiger for a long time; I seemingly have always liked roadsters with small-displacement V-8s. I don’t think labeling these as the “Poor Man’s Cobra” is an insult in any way. The mountains in the background don’t hurt the picture, either.



Maybe the wheels on this custom Oldsmobile are a little much, but I really liked this car. If I had A LOT more money, I would probably have some car of this vintage. Of course, it would be a restomod.







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