An Anniversary And A Hiatus

Today (January 10th) is the 61st consecutive day I have posted to this blog (also the 100th of the last 101 days). Of course those numbers are under my control, but I think that shows dedication to this blog. Speaking of which…

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the first post on Disaffected Musings. That post is embarrassing in its brevity, but I was in the process of moving my blog from being hosted by the Evil Empire to being hosted by WordPress.

It is highly unlikely I will be blogging from Arizona; hence, that is why “A Hiatus” appears in the post title. When I return I do not know if I will resume posting on a daily basis or, even, at all.

I am very grateful to those of you who read and comment on a regular basis. However, for the amount of time and effort I expend the number of views/visitors is just very disappointing. The trend in those numbers is not good, either. I know that in the age of “digital entertainment” and “social media” America has a very short attention span.

I also worry that this blog is becoming repetitive and derivative of itself. I can only write what I know and as I age my interests narrow.

Anyway, while on hiatus I’ll leave you the links to the five most read posts in addition to couple of extra links. By the way, the Aston Martin DB5 defeated the Jaguar E-Type three votes to two.


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Saturday Studebaker

Wednesday Wanderings

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A Long Time Ago


Be well.