Goose Bumps House, Here We Come!

With just a few hours left yesterday before both closings would have become at risk for having to be delayed, the buyers of our house were officially approved for their mortgage and their documents were sent to title. We are moving on Tuesday the 28th!

My reaction when I received the news was very visceral and was not, necessarily, one of joy, but instead one of relief and a release of all the stress and aggravation of the last four months. Part of my reaction was that I actually began to shake to the point where I was unsteady on my feet.

I want to thank my friends and relatives for their kind words of congratulations. I shared the news with fewer than ten people, but now am sharing it “with the world.” (I also want to thank our realtor, K Squared, for providing much-needed assurance and guidance.)

We have to send a very large wire today to pay for the part of the amount (about 40%) for the Goose Bumps house that will not be covered by the proceeds from selling our house. Actually, by the end of the day today we will no longer own this house, but will be staying here as tenants, rent-free, until Tuesday. We also have to sign the documents today for the closing on Goose Bumps.

One thread that has run through all of the nice houses my wonderful wife and I have owned: I wish my mother were alive to see them. Of course, at this point she almost certainly wouldn’t still be alive even if she hadn’t died from pancreatic cancer in 2004 as she was born in 1922.

As I wrote to David Banner (not his real name) in a text yesterday, Halle-Frickin’-Lujah!



Now that it appears we are really moving to this amazing house, a strange thought has overtaken me. (What a surprise?! Consider the source…) Part of me now does not want to buy a Jaguar F-Type convertible, despite its Ultimate Garage status, out of fear I would stop driving my Mustang.

In addition, the $35,000-ish price tag for the F-Type (in six-cylinder spec) is a deterrent. We are about to spend a not small amount of money for a house. I can scratch my itch for a sporty convertible for half that much if I buy one of these.


2008 Pontiac Solstice GXP Convertible | T20 | Kissimmee Summer Special 2020

Ultimate Machines: 2009 Saturn Sky Red Line


As I have written ad infinitum, I think the Sky (bottom) looks a little better than the Solstice (top), but I have no connection to the Saturn brand whereas I have a very strong connection to Pontiac. Mechanically, the cars are identical.

The Saturn edition of the Kappa platform convertible seems to be a little more expensive in the marketplace than the Pontiac, which is a bit surprising to me. Still, I could buy either car for less than $20,000. I have seen what appear to be good examples of the GXP with asking prices under $15,000. Yes, I would only consider a Solstice GXP or a Sky Red Line and not the base version of either car.

Any thoughts you want to offer would be appreciated. It is highly likely I will not be posting next Monday and Tuesday and maybe not next Wednesday.






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PS, I did not want to ignore the one-year anniversary of the beginning of Russia’s war crimes against Ukraine. Sadly, unspeakable evil will always live among us.