Time To Exhale, I Hope

Although my wonderful wife has given the OK to share these details, part of me is reluctant to do so. I guess a very small piece of my psyche worries about karma. Anyway, here goes:

A cancer diagnosis was the reason for the major surgery my wonderful wife had 11 days ago. Although she is having some post-op complications, she is feeling better every day. Most important, all early indications are good.

The tumor only minimally invaded the wall of the organ of its origin. (That organ and others were removed.) The surrounding cavity showed no evidence of malignancy. Most important, all lymph nodes tested were negative for cancer cells. She will not require any further treatment.

She is not out of the woods, of course. However, when we (finally) received the lymph node results yesterday we were elated.

Once again, I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to David Banner (not his real name) for sharing his time, expertise and good wishes.


Today is, of course, the first day of Astronomical Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. “Sunrise” today here will be at 7:28 AM; “sunset” will be at 5:22 PM. Of course, the sun does not really rise and set; the earth turns in and out of its view.

The “sunrise” will actually keep occurring later in the day for awhile, but so will “sunset.” For example, on January 7 those times will be 7:34 AM and 5:35 PM. As I have written before, I don’t like the late “sunrises” as I am a morning person, but a morning person who does not see well enough in low light conditions to drive. Oh well, it is what it is. Having high temperatures in the 60s (Fahrenheit) during the first days of Astronomical Winter is a nice consolation.


How about this for a nice picture:



Yes, another “consolation” for late winter “sunrises.”


What do you think of the Cars A To Z feature? While I have every intention of completing the alphabet, I would like to read your reactions.

Of course, some letters are much more fertile ground than others. (By the way and just by chance, of the first ten cars shown five were American makes and five were not.) I think many people don’t know that despite the relatively small number of automobile manufacturers in the world now, historically there have been thousands, most of which with short lifespans.

The post about the “G” car, Graham-Paige, remains the most viewed in the series. Here is the photo shown in that post:


See the source image


This is (hopefully) a picture of a 1934 Graham Supercharged Custom Eight. Anyway, I would like to read your thoughts. Thanks.








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