In my opinion, life is almost always about choosing among imperfect alternatives. People who think they can/will get 100% of their way 100% of the time are delusional.

This delusion, however, has permeated American politics. What used to be the great American art of compromise has disappeared. Each side wants all of its policy prescriptions implemented now with no debate, no deviation. Once again, I think the only solution is dissolution.


In an automotive context, this design exemplifies imperfection for me:


See the source image


From Hemmings a picture of a Ferrari 575 Superamerica that was for sale. To me–and yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder–that hood scoop is too obtrusive and ruins the face of the car. Otherwise, I think the car has nice lines and proportions.

What do you think? Is chasing perfection a noble goal or a fool’s errand? Is it something in between, perhaps?


I don’t know how many days are in the countdown, but my days as a WordPress blogger are numbered. They have made using the Classic Editor even more difficult to find/use, with a second change in just the last week or two. They have even published “guidance” that states using the Classic Editor is not recommended.

I predict that WordPress will lose about 20% of their bloggers when the Classic Editor is no longer available. I guess they don’t care. Those software developers have to “earn” their keep. <end sarcasm> Oh, the choice among imperfect alternatives can always be not to choose, but to bow out.







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