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The fact that many people are so critical of what James Carville said here shows me that wokeness is a cult. These critics refuse to acknowledge even one iota of validity in what he said. The only solution is dissolution.


Is it really National Doughnut/Donut Day today? Oh, I miss eating donuts on a regular basis. A Dunkin’ chocolate frosted (yeast) donut has 31 grams of carbohydrates including 13 grams of sugar. That’s probably among the least detrimental items in their donut/fritter arsenal. The double chocolate donut, that I will allow myself to eat 2-3 times a year, has 39 grams of carbs including 18 grams of sugar. Their apple fritter has 58 grams of carbs including 24 grams of sugar.

I eat a lot of regular Cheerios. According to the box, a serving has 20 grams of carbs and only one gram of sugar. Of course, my servings are bigger than “standard.” As I wrote here, I am tired of being a slave to my Hemoglobin A1C tests. My next one is about two weeks away. In the month after that, I may have a donut or two.


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A friend of mine who is a former major league baseball player (and currently a long-time sports columnist–sorry, didn’t know how else to write that) and who reads the blog on a regular basis texted me that he loved my comment on unremarkable baseball players. He also wrote that he concurred.

As I have written before, I abhor cults of personality, whether they are for athletes, entertainers, politicians or whomever. We are ALL flawed.


This article from Inside Hook is their list of the 50 most underappreciated cars of all-time. The introduction before the list is shown is very well-written and well worth a read.

Many of the cars listed are among my favorites: Studebaker Avanti, first-generation Mercury Cougar, first-generation Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Alfa Romeo Montreal. Oh, what the hell, I’ll show them all:


studebaker avanti

1967 mercury cougar

chevrolet monte carlo

alfa romeo montreal


Generational shift is real. Tastes and attitudes move over time. Because we are all flawed, new things are not necessarily “better” than old things. Besides, taste is subjective.


Have a great weekend…








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Monday Musings 84

Do you like my numbering of the Monday Musings posts? As the post number increases, the number of views seems to decline. Sometimes, I just can’t think of a more clever post title.


From Why Evolution Is True a post that should make almost everyone’s blood boil: the American Medical Association is going full “woke.” From Jesse Singal:


“The American Medical Association has just released “Advancing Health Equity: A Guide to Language, Narrative and Concepts,” a strange document that calls for doctors to insert progressive politics into even plain statements of fact.”


The only solution is dissolution.


Pictures I took yesterday at the weekly car show in Fountain Hills did not turn out as well as I had hoped. I had to take many of them into the sun and did not get a good view of the lake. Nevertheless:



As for the actual cars, I didn’t take that many photos. I really long for an event where I see more cars like this one we saw on Saturday:



This Rambler American at Fountain Hills “spoke” to me:



These three cars appealed to me as well:



Sorry the Buick on the left got chopped. Again, the acute sun angle made photography difficult. Maybe JS or Mark can give me some suggestions.


I was sure I had more to write this morning, but I apparently do not. We’ll see about tomorrow.







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