Farewell Cascada, We Hardly Knew Thee

Yes, I sold the 2019 Buick Cascada I bought in late June. Here is one last picture:



While I don’t believe in excessive distillation of reality, I do believe that K.I.S.S. is usually the best approach to life. I didn’t want a convertible as much as I thought and since acquiring the Mustang I was not driving the Cascada that much.

I sold the Cascada to Carvana. They paid me 40% more (yes, 4-0) than the offer from a local dealer that buys cars and the process was very easy. Again, simpler is almost always better than complicated. My wonderful wife and I were at the Carvana “dealership” no more than 10 minutes as I had completed all of the “paperwork” online and simply had to sign a few documents.

I would imagine buying a car from them is not much more complicated than selling one. Too bad they don’t have cars like this in their inventory.



Let’s see…defending national champion, Number One ranked and (obviously) undefeated Georgia escaped with a 26-22 win at unranked Missouri, a team whose two wins are against Louisiana Tech and Abilene Christian. Number 17 ranked Texas A&M lost to unranked Mississippi State 42-24 (the Bulldogs will now almost certainly be ranked; Update: Mississippi State and TCU are now ranked). Number 18 ranked Oklahoma was destroyed by unranked TCU 55-24. OK, maybe Oklahoma was never quite that good.

Number 21 ranked Minnesota lost at home to unranked Purdue. Once again, life is a Monte Carlo simulation. Only one event has a 100% probability. I don’t want to say that any college team can beat any other college team, but within a conference, almost anything can happen. The three upsets about which I wrote, as well as Georgia’s narrow win, were all intra-conference games.

Until the official College Football Playoff (CFP) rankings start being released every week, the other rankings only exist to add excitement to college football. I remember when only 20 teams were ranked every week. Why do you think it’s now 25? These rankings are not created by a “higher power.” Once again, unranked teams beat ranked teams all the time.

I did enjoy watching Georgia-Missouri and, again, did not really have a dog in the fight. I turned the game on in the first quarter with Missouri ahead 3-0. I did not think Georgia would come back to win, but they made some adjustments in their run scheme and offensive line blocking, in addition to just stepping up their game. I think they outgained Missouri 300-100 in the second half.

I really can’t wait for the CFP to expand to 12 teams, even though one of the motivating factors is just to get Notre Dame in every year. (In case you can’t tell, I am not exactly a fan of Notre Dame football.) I think the national championship will end up being the second highest rated TV program every year behind only the Super Bowl.






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