Did You Miss Me?

OK, the post title is sarcastic. In the grand scheme of things my blog is close to the quintessence of nothing. Still, it is important to me and, I hope, is of some importance to those who read it on a regular basis.

As I have written ad nauseam I am struggling with the direction of the blog. I do not want to turn this into a political blog, a blog about old cars or just a random collection of facts. Given that I have no interest in SUVs, pickup trucks or electric vehicles–nor do I have to–automotive content will simply have to be a smaller part of this blog going forward, no matter how much longer I keep blogging.

I apologize if it seems I lean too heavily on links to Why Evolution Is True. I just find Jerry Coyne’s blog to be very interesting. I also wish a tenth as many people followed Disaffected Musings.


The Z06 saga is over. (I buried the lede again.) Stephen, the owner of the shop “in charge” of the repairs but not actually doing them, texted me on Wednesday (the 28th) that the parts needed to finish the repairs were supposed to arrive on Thursday.

My wonderful wife and I decided to get everything out of the Z06 that we needed, most importantly the license plate. We did that early Thursday morning. The young tech doing the repairs was sure he would finish that day and he did as the parts did finally arrive. The Ford dealer from whom I purchased the Mustang acknowledged receiving the Z06 that afternoon and promised to begin processing the large payment I am owed from the transaction.

I must admit that I had no pangs of nostalgia or regret seeing the Z06. Yesterday was 24 weeks that the car first failed to start. Enough was enough.

I must thank Stephen for his patience and perseverance. I am not a patient person, by nature, something I demonstrated when I called the Ford dealer on Tuesday and gave them an earful because my position was that since they had the title to the Corvette they owned the car, meaning I had paid for the Mustang and was due the amount owed to me ASAP. They disagreed and they had all of the leverage. Fortunately, the end of the saga was much closer than any of us thought.

When Stephen visited me Thursday evening, bringing the aftermarket headers from the Z06, he implied (or maybe I am inferring incorrectly) that General Motors is having more difficulty with its supply chains and logistics than other automobile manufacturers. With the exception of a few foreign vehicles, I have only owned GM cars; well, until I bought the Mustang. I can’t say Stephen’s words were a surprise, but they were a disappointment.

Without revealing details that are not mine to share, he told me about his future business plans. We also discussed my obsession with the Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk and not only did Stephen offer to help me find one, he offered to store it at his shop and even be involved with the restoration/modernization. By the way, a 1963 model recently sold on Bring A Trailer for just $9,000, not counting the 5% buyers commission.

It is 90%-95% likely that I am going to sell the Cascada. I don’t want a convertible as much as I thought and if I can’t depend on a new car to be reliable, then I am SOL, anyway. Of course, between the amount I am owed on the Mustang purchase and how much I will receive for the Cascada, I could buy something affordable like a Gran Turismo Hawk and have plenty left over, some of which could be spent on the car.

Onward and upward!







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