DeSoto Concept Car

DeSoto Adventurer II

Taken by Benjamin Preston, the author of this piece in Jalopnik, this is a picture of a DeSoto Adventurer II, a concept car from 1954.

The Adventurer II reminds me of the Ghia-bodied versions of the Fiat 8V (pictured below), which should be no surprise as the Adventurer body was designed by Ghia.

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Back to the Adventurer II…being a DeSoto almost automatically makes it interesting to me. As Preston wrote, the DeSoto concept was, in essence, the result of crossing a European GT coupe with a big American cruiser. Unfortunately, the Adventurer II was never put into production.

One of the few things that my father and I did together was to attend the Baltimore Auto Show in the late 1960s and early 1970s. In those days, such shows were not merely an attempt to display cars that were available (or soon to be available) for purchase. For the most part, these shows had many concept and one-off automobiles. I wish I still had all of the postcard-sized photos from the auto shows.

I’m sure I sound like a broken record given all of the times I write about my disdain for today’s homogenized automobile offerings. In the days of old-fashioned analog clocks a common saying was, “Even a clock that stops is right twice a day.” I suppose I could digress from here and apply that saying to today’s overly harsh political discourse where people refuse to acknowledge that others who, in the main, disagree with them are ever right. (This post is quite enlightening, in my opinion.)