Cors And Caffee

Writing “I’m not suffering from insanity; I’m enjoying every minute of it” is, I think, a poor substitute for what I originally wanted to write at the beginning of this post. I only think so because I can’t actually remember what I wanted to write, just that my post-memory impression is that it was more organic and less of a cliché.


Yesterday, my wonderful wife and I attended one of the many local car gatherings. This one is held the second Saturday of every month at an event venue owned by a very successful car tire salesman.

Even though the temperature was in the low 50s, with a brisk wind it was simply not comfortable enough for us to stay very long. A hot cup of coffee had no effect on me; the same for a hot cup of tea for my wife.

Without further ado, here are some photos.



I didn’t specifically write that all of the photos would be from the car gathering, did I? The bottom photo shows rainbow clouds near the Arctic Circle.


If you’re planning to watch the Super Bowl today, I hope you enjoy the game. Of course, it is impossible for everyone watching to enjoy it given that only one team can win.






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